Adolar - Bonn, Bla

Adolar live at Bla, Bonn. 16.09.2011
Copyright: Christian Baron

Adolar - Bonn, Bla (II)

Adolar live at Bla, Bonn. 16.09.2011
Copyright: Christian Baron

Adolar - Bonn, Bla (III)

Adolar live at Bla, Bonn. 16.09.2011
Copyright: Christian Baron

Adolar - Kulturhaus, Salzwedel

Adolar at Kulturhaus, Salzwedel.
25. September 2010

Adolar - La Marquise, Lyon

Adolar - La Marquise, Lyon
18. April 2009

Adolar - Maarweg Studio, Cologne. (I)

Adolar, Maarweg Studio, Cologne. Time to releax with their producers Maximillian Trieder and Tim Tautorat.
07. March 2011.

Adolar - Maarweg Studio, Cologne. (III)

Adolar, Maarweg Studios, Cologne. Recording their 2nd album.
07. March 2011.

Adolar - Photo Booth, Leipzig.

Adolar - Bandphoto in a photo booth at central station, Leipzig
13. October 2010


Christian Steinbrink (Intro, Nillson Fanzine) predicted Adolar will be the most auspicious rockband nowaddays and for future.

A mash-up of various rock influences such as punk, indie and stadion rock with hip-hop-, electronic- and high culture´s references. The band´s extremly innovative edge builts phantastic soundfigures, dialectic and diametral senses and causes confusion at critics trying to categorize this. Adolar is out of sphere like it´s name giver Adolar Mézgar, a hungarian comic character escaped from present constraints with his inflatable rocket.


Lyricwise Tom Mischok takes a personal perspective on things. Intimate but also social experiences or a mix of both are roots of his narrations. Sometimes his textwork is due to is rudimentary counter to Adolar´s exalted sounds. Otherwise it also becomes mixed with irony, understatements and double meanings.

It is perfectionism without any loss of charme or authenticity.

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Adolar is:

Tom Mischok - Vocals, Bass
Michael Cyris - Guitar, Vocals, Synthesizer
Jan Krieshammer - Guitar
Frank Mertens - Drums


Latest news

23.11.2012: Spontaneous gig this noon

(Adolar) – 

Adolar play a spontaneous show in Halle an der Saale, this noon (12 a.m./12 Uhr) at University, Löwengebäude. Be there, they play exclusive new songs!

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Live Rewind: past shows

Dates for this topic

Date City Place Appearing with
23.11.2016 Leipzig C4
27.10.2012 Köln ARTheater Get Addicted Party
26.10.2012 Osnabrück Kleine Freiheit
11.10.2012 Berlin SO 36
02.10.2012 Leipzig Werk 2 Captain Planet
29.09.2012 Wiesbaden Kulturpalast Wiesbaden
28.09.2012 Erlangen E-Werk Umsonst & Draussen
09.09.2012 Berlin Admiralspalast ARD New Music Award
04.08.2012 Beelen Krach Am Bach Festival
04.08.2012 Freising Prima Leben und Stereo Open Air
03.08.2012 Trebur Trebur Open Air
22.07.2012 Nordholz Deichbrand Rockfestival
06.07.2012 Bochum Rotunde Umsonst & Drinnen
09.06.2012 Hombergshausen Musikschutzgebiet Festival
08.06.2012 Bernburg Hotel Wien
07.06.2012 Leipzig Campusfest Leipzig
01.06.2012 Meppen Rock Unter Linden Turbostaat u.a.
26.05.2012 CH - Winterthur Gaswerk
25.05.2012 Darmstadt Schlossgrabenfest
01.05.2012 A - Graz CuntRa La Kunsthure

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