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Adolar was founded in January 2008. The name is a reference to a Hungarian comic series, a hero behind the iron curtain named Adolar Mézga. This is a young boy dreaming of his own reality. Whole days he wears a nightdress, so that his parents can´t send him to supermarkets. At night he leaves earth heading for adventures in other galaxies with his inflatable rocket. This comic was ment as a critic to nowadays society.

They spent the summer at rehearsal and studio to work on new material. Andreas of unterm durchschnitt liked the rough mixes that much, so he decided to release them.

March 2009 Planet Rapidia has been released on vinyl. It contains 3 tracks. A fourth song, during 11 minutes, has been released as bonustrack via digital release. With producer Rouven Blankenfeld a videoclip was produced to "Mariokart Vs Kettcar". The response on it was overwhelming, more than 10.000 indiekids watched it in the first two weeks. The 7" was sold out in 3 months and got reissued rapidly. Mainstream media such as Visions, Radio NRG, MDR Sputnik or Motor also interviewed and featured the boys beside scene´s press.

2010 started with a fulminant monthlong tour through 6 european countries (uk, france, czech republic, austria, switzerland) plus germany. Schwörende Seen, Ihr Schicksalsjahre! has been released on March 5th and caused  enthusiastic feedback from fans as well as journalists. Magazines such as Visions wrote Adolar functions like a start for a new generation. Christian Steinbrink (Intro, Nillson Fanzine) predicted Adolar will be the most auspicious rockband nowaddays and for future. "Kitt" as the first single became an insiders tip through monthlong airplay-rotations on several relevant college radios in germany. Their second video-clip again was produced by Rouven Blankenfeld. Peter Löwe from Mikrokosmos23 had a guest appearance in it. After touring 120 shows in the first 2 years the band signed a booking contract with Sparta Entertainment while the band got interviewed by Uncle Sally´s Magazine as a role model for a new punk movement in Germany. Adolar allready been at studio for next album a last and 2nd single from their debut was released ("Mitnehmerrippe EP").

May 2011 a studio outtake was released exclusivly by 6 medias (Visions Magazine, Uncle Sally´s,,, Blue Print Fanzine, Rote Raupe Fanzine) for free download. "Die Auswendigen Muster" was a cover on a original electro-punk song by the band Bratze and the attention was huge. More than 300.000 people were targeted by the medias coverage at one weekend. A low budget videoclip was made by Tim Gorinski for this song. Intro Magazine did a fat special to Emo music and released a extremly limited picture vinyl split 7" single Edition titled as 20 Jahre Intro - Teil6: Emo. Adolar contributed  "Song For An Angel" (originally by Sunny Day Real Estate), another cover song. For the flipside their friends Mikrokosmos23 from Dresden recorded a Refused cover .


  • Soli für das Fatal in Landau 2009
  • for films edit. 14 2009
  • Farblos Records Mixtape. 2010
  • Split 7" 10 Jahre Intro w/ Mikrokosmos23 (Intro Magazine). 2011
  • 10 Jahre Intro CD Compilation (Intro Magazine). 2012
  • Küsse Sterben Auf Lippen (Hug Me DIY Records). 2012

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