Black Box Pilot Story

Three Guys living in a small village near Hannover came together, influenced by up-to-date Punk and Indierock of Mid 90s and decided to found Squeeze#6. After recording first demos and releasing songs itself on CD and touring through the hannover area they got in touch with Andreas in the new millenium. "Lunch Rock" was their first official release. The Band toured West and North Germany and established their sound in a extreme sports-scene such as skateboarding, biking and snowboarding. Salomon Snowboards took "Relax" as soundtrack for a world wide point-of-sale promotion campaign and "In The Circle´s Corner" was token for a skateboard movie.

in 2002 the band wrote new songs searching for an more outstanding sound and getting away from the bad ghost "kurt cobain" who laid on the singer´s voice. they changed the name from Squeeze#6 into Black Box Pilot to be understood as a mean band with mean lyrics. In 2003 "Rigor Mortis" has been released. the band worked out the artwork with swedish artist Zzaga. the result was soundwise, lyricswise and artworkwise a very dark, emotional and professional record.

due to too small tour activities they to support the labels work they have been dropped in 2004. in 2005 drummer Tobias Pirk left the band. Toni Karnas replaced Tobias and influenced the sound very well, but in 2006 the band split forever and the trio went separate ways.

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Germany / EU
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