Iskra. Story

Started in early 2005 and ended promptly 2007.

It was a furious start and the end came just in time when international journalists and agencies paid attention to this genius band.

In early 2005 the band went on tour with Jet Black, Peters. and Captain Planet. Through bands associated with our label there was a huge support from the first time. After releasing two demos time came to release their debut 7inch.

Titled as ğA statue or the stone subverting the timezoneĞ the band got a european wide attention very quickly. It was kind of sensational to us that a huge amound of magazines reviewed the band in print issues on a vinyl-only-release. Paul from Artrocker was fascinated by the band and pleased the band to play a tour organized by Artrocker through UK. The band sadly split before realising that.

Their huge hit "Bedroom or dancefloor" was remixed by electro-cosmonauts Juri Gagarin (Audiolith Records) and also became a secret tip for dance- and disco scene.

A full lenght was planed to be released while the band should tour european wide, but suprisingly they split. Drummer Tobias left the band for playing in less interesting and almost boring "The Sea" and bassplayer Sergej focused on his Juri Gagarin project.

A shock until today (2009), that this spark has burnt out.

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