Jet Black. Story

Jet Black released their first 7inch in 2002 on unterm durchschnitt. a very intense mixture of instinctive anger and convulsive screams. it´s like scream out avowedly that emotional ballast. feels like a state in motion. They toured with big names of hardcore, punk and screamo scene and also bands, such as The Robocop Kraus invited them playing together. Without promoting mass media, reviews were published by Popmagazines such as Visions.

2006 the boys released their first and final album. It´s title "The Dead End" was the situation the band felt confrontated with. They split. On their album they present gloomy and noisy orchestral post-hardcore, whose heavy and destructive walls alternate with emo-parts and broad guitar feedbacks, ever changing dynamics and passionate vocals. A post-hc ending, dark and driving.


Split came to a time the resonance on the band was huge, as the documented final show in Bremen and Berlin shows. Also popmedias wrote reviews on Jet Black and something as a hype flew through the air. After disbanding a kind of shock went through the hardcore community and the popularity of Jet Black still rose. Without giving more than two concerts after releasing "The Dead End"  the complete first pressing was nearly sold out in less than 24 month.

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unterm durchschnitt
Andreas Wildner
Im Kamp 2
D-50859 Cologne
Germany / EU
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