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Katzenstreik (engl. wild cat strike): 4 individuals, enjoying to rock together compromise? yeah, every single day: jobs, subsistence, relations, ... band! music through ranks as one of the most passionate and free fi elds in life, one where we´re talking self-determination: what, where and how we are doing it. so our name is concept. it´s not about perfect glam entertainment, no show to capture more attention. yet katzenstreik plays a lot of gigs and is well perceived by many people. 2003 we spent a huge amount of time together on the road, playing some 50 gigs, touring spain together with against me , denmark and switzerland. these are special experiences, you get to see so many places, meet people off all sorts. this is the magic of punk. that attitude that renders this possible, wordls apart from the normal structures of the music business that thrives on the hollowness, vanity and greed of show, entertainment and careless consumption: the music´s for the heart, try the lyrics for size!

"Nie Wieder Isolation" (engl. Isolation, Never Again) opening the katzenstreik Selftitled debut album (2000, d.i.y.) mirrors a very personal era during which wound´n´scars needed to be attended to and needed mending in the process fuelling the becoming of the songs: Emowürstchen (2002, Freecore) was stronger, less fragile. more energy as a result of healing brought about a statement of confession: noone out there to rightfully maintain they´re not emo! and so it was perceived: "Arschtritt Ins Licht« transmitted the message: don´t mess with yourself, direct your frusttration to the outside. music is the creative valve that allows us to emit the results of the process of digesting all the shit we´re confronted with in today´s world - and you get people to listen
to that!


Solves Your Problems (2004, unterm durchschnitt) turned out to be yet more mature, music- and lyricswise. short and compact songs, sharply and fluently arranged and straight to the point: you can hear and sense the roots. financially aided by fans we could afford a longer period of time in the studio. the positive reaction received from a lot of record labels confi rmed that it was worthwhile working intensively on the sound. not by coincidence but to serve the purpose of using and strenghtening the whole network of independent strcutrued and avoiding to submit to the established schemes of music business the record cam alive as a result of cooperation between the band, some record labels and enthusiastic friends. katzenstreik yet tries to avoid terms like authenticity and genuiness to describe the band and its attitude, favouring to playfully handle the whole oscillating veriety of existing and imaginative human identities. when you feel as a clwon, act as a clown, when you don´t - you can´t be forced to.


2006 the band released their fourth album simply named IIII (2006, unterm durchschnitt). IIII is  a straight garagerock record on it´s way loosing clearness. B-side ends in crazy variations and experimentals between hiphop, computer-electro-clash and instrumentals. This album also was ment as a big thank you to all people helped out in the band´s past. A fat poetry book plus a booklet including lyrics are part of this album. 2009 the band returned with their 5th record: "Move". They played one short tour. Katzenstreik split in 2011.

that´s what we´re about. rock yourself free and you´ll know you´re alive.

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