Mallorys Last Dance. Story

The band founded 2002, the popularity of the band in a diy´ish scene grew quickly. While influencial bands such as Age or Jet Black came from Bremen as well as Labels such as Per Koro or the international important Trust Fanzine, Mallorys´ intransignet sound and lyrics got a big attention.

After releasing several demos in first 2 years they appeared on important compilations 2004. "Friends don´t eat each other" (Flames.Waves.Words Records) and "Turn it down (music against nazi-(sub)culture)" mark it´s standing to this time. The early-2005 released selftitled 7" EP was sold out rapidly.

Reflecting it´s role in the post era of their debut EP the band got into intellectual trouble with an popular lifestyle their music, branded as "emo/screamo", was associated with. Jakub said on their Berlin show: "Wir singen über unsere Gefühle, weil wir es fühlen und nicht um irgend einem Emoklischee gerecht zu werden." (Youtube)

In the following time the band experimented with vocals and arrangements, tried more quiet sounds and voices. Sadly the bands last compositions never have been recorded.

In November 2006, the band split to go seperate ways. In 2012 they had a one-show reunion at unterm durchschnitt-Farwell-Party in Cologne on February 25th.

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