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Founded in 2005 in an problematic eastern province Meißen of the federal state Saxony. Most parts there are known as a no-go areas for foreigners or simply alternative looking people. Doing music was ment to get out of this extremly conservative/neo fascistic area, each tone was about refusing and resisting tendencies they felt all around. After various funpunk projects since 2002 they gew up, got older and became mean. In Mikrokosmos23 a modern sound between punk, hardcore and indie with very personal lyrics was realized.

Recording a couple of demos Mikrokosmos23 came to the attention of german upcoming d.i.y. label Kids In Misery Records, Hamburg. An automatism started, and only a few months later in 2007 they debuted with an full length Als Wir Jung Waren ist Jetzt. 9 songs oriented at emotional punkrock of this time found their way on wax. A wrong cross by ordering vinyl at the pressing plant caused that the 12inch started inside and stopped outside. The response on this release was enormous. While fanzines such as Ox or Trust loved the output the punkrocking Plastic Bomb Fanzine critizised it in their polarizing column "Wenn das der Führer wüsste" (engl. If the Fuehrer would have known that). Famous mags such as Visions reported on them and published an fat article and branded them as hot newcomers. They went on tour. A network was built up and popular bands such as Captain Planet or Matula shared back- and frontstages with them. In 2008 their label heretofore decided doing the Kids In Misery Split 10" and involved unterm durchschnitt as co-partnerlabel to get a more extensive attention. 

2009 the band moved from Meißen to Dresden and Karl-Marx-City (Chemnitz) and strictly concentrated in doing rehearsals and recording new demos, envolve their sound and moving forward with it. Without having any clue about the current preparation of new material Kurt Ebelhäuser researched for getting contact with them. He is a famous producer and guitarist of stadionrockers Blackmail. He found the number of Berni, guitarist in the beginning until 2007, thru Google and got in touch this wired way. He told to love the band´s sound and aproach. At least Ebelhäuser offered a few days in his studio near Koblenz to become producer of their second album. The band said yes. 11 songs have been recorded and produced. Memorandum was released through unterm durchschnitt in august 2010. It´s artwork was a photo collage by Indonesian artist Debbie Tea. Beside the main release the label released Knightrider Generation as online single. The videoclip was made by Gregor Wiebe. The resonance was overwhelming, the clip got rotation on MTV for 8 weeks! The band went on tour from september to december and played more than 30 gigs in that short time. A tour in november they shared with their friends from Adolar, documtented in weird podcast-series. In december they played their last show in Dresden, AJZ Conni with Adolar in a anti-racism-context. They signed a booking deal with Proton Team at this time, starting in the 2nd half 2011.

To prevent a 2nd gap of more than 2 years to a next record band and label decided a longer break in 2011. Taking a focus on new material was the first songwriting process for more than 1,5 years! Henning from Proton was so kind organizing first festivals for the band so Mikrokosmos23 could appear at Stemmwede Open Air, Abi Festival and a few smaller ones.

Intro Magazine released a special on Emo music and mentioned Mikrokosmos23 in a timeline with bands such as Jimmy Eat World, 30 Seconds To Mars or Shelter. Beside Intro released a extremly limited picture vinyl split 7" single Edition titled as 20 Jahre Intro - Teil6: Emo. Mikrokosmos23 contributed a rough and noisy Refused-Cover ("Rather Be Dead"), Adolar on the flipside with  "Song For An Angel" a Sunny Day Real Estate song. Both songs also were released on Compact Disc "20 Jahre Intro" in late 2011.

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