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In an unnoticed existence for nearly seven years unterm durchschnitt discovered the band and brought their debut to release. Posteingang 17,73cm Strukturanalyse was a groundbreaking influence on german mathrock and indiescene, setting a little benchmark.

From then on the band was continously touring germany, czech republic and luxembourg and became popular for their intellectual punkish but always ironical attitude. They were part on several compilations and went back for recording and working on new material in early 2005. the studio outtake "Diskretion Deluxe" finally appeared on I Can´t Relax In Deutschland Book-CD-Compilation. Electro-Trash-Punks of Egotronic (Audiolith Records) destructed the songs 30 seconds intro therefor. From then on the band was also seen in a subversive but popcultural mainstream as an upcoming talents.

2005 friend and actual co-producer Jobst, the band spent a lot of time with in this era, became sixth bandmember. Peters. decided to re-arrange many songs and write some more new. To this time many people waited for a second release to come. But they had to wait. Jobst had a profound influence and  re-arrangeing dured two years.

Only sign of life 2006 were a couple of shows the band played with a long time sold out 7" and without a new release. In the years summer they took part at a bandproject lead by Kevin Harmann (Click Click Decker, Bratze) and Rasmus Engler (Das Bierbeben, Herrenmagazin). Under the title Herz Statt Kommerz Peters. brandnew track "1, 2 oder 3" (working title of later released "Letzte Chance Vorbei") was released as 1st track of a strictly limited 5x7" boxset.

To this time the finishing works on the later to release record Auffallen Statt Umfallen began. It has been released 2008 and got a huge attention after being released. peters. played supports for Turbostaat in front of 400 and Kettcar in front of 500 fans as their biggest show in 2008. "Zitronenwalzer" appeared on the Tribute to Die Goldenen Zitronen (2008, Major Label) as a hommage to Die Goldenen Zitronen. Summer 2008 a split 10"-compilation with Escapado and Bratze was released on Zeitstrafe. peters. released an studio outtake on it. Finally Auffallen Durch Umfallen did not became a break-thru as everybody thought. Maybe the changes in arrangements were too radical, as old fellows mentioned?


The band split on October 12th with a confusing goodby.

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