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The Town Of Machine - Live in Berlin

The Town Of Machine live in Berlin.

The Town Of Machine

This band was founded by 3/4 members of Jet Black and Mallorys Last Dance. They put together all their frustration and fear and anger and passion and started writing hearted music.

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The Town Of Machine is:

Danny Blase - Guitar, Vocals
Mischa Wahed - Drums, Vocals
David Wickremetunge - Bass, Vocals
Ed Klein - Guitar


Latest news

03.02.2012: Label-Abschied am 25.: Very Last Show of Mallorys Last Dance

(Unterm Durchschnitt, Adolar, Adorno, Black Box Pilot, Captain Planet, Clara Luzia, I Had Plans, Iskra, Jet Black, Katzenstreik) – 

Mallorys Last Dance werden am 25.2. auf unserer Abschiedsparty noch einmal - nach 2006 - gemeinsam auftreten und das letzte Mal spielen: The very last show!

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Dates for this topic

Date City Place Appearing with
23.04.2011 Landau in der Pfalz Fatal I Had Plans
22.04.2011 Darmstadt Oettinger Villa I Had Plans
09.04.2011 Nürnberg Keep It Evil Festival
26.03.2011 Hamburg Fs115
04.12.2010 Marburg Café Trauma Adolar, Ashes Of Pompeii
03.12.2010 Köln Aetherblissment Adolar
12.06.2010 Landau in der Pfalz Fatal
11.06.2010 Olpe Live Music Hole Copilot
05.06.2010 Leipzig Schuppen
04.06.2010 Wunstorf Wohnwelt Matula
15.03.2010 Hannover Bei Chez Heinz Adolar
14.03.2010 Delmenhorst Basisstation Adolar, Manku Kapak
19.12.2009 Schweinfurt Alter Stattbahnhof
18.12.2009 Oberhausen Druckluft Captain Planet
27.11.2009 Bremen G18 Resurrectionists, Grinding Halt
15.11.2009 Chemnitz Oberstübchen Syn*Error (MARTINEE SHOW!)
14.11.2009 Leipzig Schuppen Syn*Error
13.11.2009 Berlin Galerie Scherer 8
06.11.2009 Hamburg Fs115
10.10.2009 Bremen Juz Farge

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unterm durchschnitt
Andreas Wildner
Im Kamp 2
D-50859 Cologne
Germany / EU
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