Todd Anderson - Chez Heinz, Hannover

Todd Anderson - Bei Chez Heinz, Hannover
5. April 2009

Todd Anderson - La Casa, Berlin

Todd Anderson - La Case, Berlin
03. April 2009

Todd Anderson - Waldmeister, Solingen

Todd Anderson - Waldmeister, Solingen
1. April 2009

Todd Anderson Promopic 2009 (I)

Todd Anderson Promopic 2009 (I)

Todd Anderson Promopic 2009 (II)

Todd Anderson Promopic 2009 (II)

Todd Anderson

Band from our sublabel Papership. Todd Anderson is a straight to the point package, agressive and frustrated lyrics on rush compositions, although taking it´s times on epic bolts. Social problems are a focus on their music, underlined more fragile melodies, powerfull walls of noises out of their guitar works. Their music is more than that, it is the art of drawing sound-pictures of destruction of a demolished society. If Samuel Beckett would have chosen a soundtrack on "Endgame", he would shurely chosen a Todd Anderson song: »Finished, it's finished, nearly finished, it must be nearly finished. Grain upon grain, one by one, and one day, suddenly, there's a heap, a little heap, the impossible heap. I can't be punished any more.«

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Todd Anderson is:

Florian Seebauer - Drums
Daniel Bubel - Guitar
Alexander Gockel - Bass
Marco Seeger - Vocals
Thomas Blöcher - Guitar


Latest news

03.02.2012: Label-Abschied am 25.: Very Last Show of Mallorys Last Dance

(Unterm Durchschnitt, Adolar, Adorno, Black Box Pilot, Captain Planet, Clara Luzia, I Had Plans, Iskra, Jet Black, Katzenstreik) – 

Mallorys Last Dance werden am 25.2. auf unserer Abschiedsparty noch einmal - nach 2006 - gemeinsam auftreten und das letzte Mal spielen: The very last show!

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Dates for this topic

Date City Place Appearing with
04.03.2011 Marburg Bettenhaus
29.01.2011 Köln Aetherblissment Ashes Of Pompeii
20.11.2010 Wetzlar Franzis
29.10.2010 Kassel H**s
12.10.2010 Karlsruhe Substage Turbostaat
19.04.2010 Schweinfurt Stattbahnhof Snapcase
16.04.2010 Marburg KFZ Adolar
19.12.2009 Marburg KFZ Boxhamsters
04.12.2009 Leer Zollhaus
13.11.2009 Berlin Galerie Scherer 8
11.11.2009 Jena Kassablanca
08.11.2009 A - Wien Arena
05.11.2009 Schweinfurt Alter Stattbahnhof
24.10.2009 Schwalmstadt-Treysa Bunker
23.10.2009 Koblenz SK2
27.06.2009 Koblenz JAM
13.06.2009 Bell Belle Vue

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D-50859 Cologne
Germany / EU
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