002 I Can´t Relax In Deutschland - Conne Island, Leipzig (21.05.2005) - Poster

I Can´t Relax In Deutschland - Conne Island, Leipzig (21.05.2005) - Poster

013 I Can´t Relax In Deutschland - In-Stores Poster

I Can´t Relax In Deutschland - In-Stores Poster

Pic - I Can´t Relax In Deutschland Pressphoto (low res)

Pressphoto from the campaign "I Can´t Relax In Deutschland", low resolution

Various Artists

Working out projects beside releasing self-containing records of bands is our way to express thoughts and aproaches.

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If you take a compilation as The Anti Rockstar Revolution (2002) this marks a temporary and interim stage of our work to support a critical popular culture. A well-ment approach bleached in course of time. Turn It Down (2004) therefor has it´s legitimation until today: Fighting fascists, nazi´s culture and rally musicians around the Turn It Down-project to statement that. The problem with "Turn It Down" was  a more organizational one. 13 Labels releasing 1 record is way too much. Also it was too easy to ask only hardcore- and punkbands that knew the problems of Hatecore and Nazi-Punks. Then there was a big weakness - the format of releasing this media on vinyl only. Vinyl almost speaks to a punkscene and does not reach wider public. Out of this reason I Can´t Relax In Deutschland (2005) was a more fundamental critic and logic concept. Bands of a - so called - mainstream popscene took part, bands whose fans do not know they stand for antinational, antirascist or antifascist actions. It was the biggest win for all involved, i guess. 


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31.12.2011: Bekanntgabe: Das Ende von unterm durchschnitt - Küsse sterben auf Lippen

(Unterm Durchschnitt, Adolar, Adorno, Black Box Pilot, Captain Planet, Clara Luzia, I Had Plans, Iskra, Jet Black, Katzenstreik) – 

Read my statement (in german language only!) on decision to end the label. There won´t be any new releases from 2012 on.

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