Unterm Durchschnitt Releases

The Town Of Machine - Self Titled

Yes, a new flagship leaves the Bremen harbour. It carries tons of tragic and raises a heart-shaped fist.

Captain Planet - Inselwissen

Captain Planet go on, consequent and individualistic. Tragic and even more mellow moments get in. Overwhelming!

Captain Planet - Rambo

First single from their forthcoming album "Inselwissen"

Adolar - Planet Rapidia

Adolar is consequence.

Todd Anderson - Zufluchtsort

It is like playing with two extreme poles producing a third.

The Kids In Misery Split

A quattro split release by Kids In Misery in cooperation with our label.

Syn Error - What Price, Wonderland? Split

Pulsing energy bursts out of each song of this split release 7".

Syn Error - Adorno Split

A liquid kind of screamo of Adorno crushes on the very sharp and edgy one of Syn Error.

Peters. - Auffallen Durch Umfallen

A fusion between math rock, indie pop and melodic emo.

Clara Luzia - The Long Memory

Feministic and sad Folk-Pop from Vienna.

peters. - 1, 2 oder 3

One sided 7", strictly limited to 100x.

Iskra - A Statue Or The Stone Subverting The Timezone

This beatoriented music is like a catharsis. A spark that burns down a deadlocked leftwing youthculture. One of our essentials!

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