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Katzenstreik - Emowürstchen

This is Katzenstreiks masterpiece. Arrangements and poetic deepness in absolute intense. A classic one!

Katzenstreik - IIII

A pure garage and punk album, full of noises and purposed imperfection.

Jet Black - The Dead End

A gloomy and noisy orchestral Ending, dark and driving. One of our classics!

Various Artists - I Can´t Relax In Deutschland

A negativing statement to german popculture and german society in general labeling "Deutsch" as a positive worth.

Captain Planet - Unterm Pflaster der Strand

Distilling youth and fledgeling as thesis and antithesis in their music, which is almost uptempo and straight, is one but not the only strength of this EP.

Various Artists - Turn It Down (Music Against Nazi Subculture)

In the 90s germany fascist became a leading scene in europeans right wing and plays a leading roll in fascist music scene all over the globe.

Peters. - Posteingang 17,73 cm Strukturanalyse

A dialectic record between direct emotions and structuralized compositions. This is rad!

Katzenstreik - Solves Your Problems

An rushing but profounding punkalbum that put political but emotional music on a higher level. A definitive classic!

Black Box Pilot - Rigor Mortis

Angry but repressed, sad but inconsequent, here comes another word that rhymes on shame.

Various Artists - The Anti Rockstar Revolution

A put together by a grunge community. This was a try to re-initialize a ciritical popculture with various indiebands between garage, grunge and mathrock.

Jet Black - Selftitled

Feels like restraintless movings. Always straight to the point without accepting standstill or resignation.

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