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Syn Error - Lowered Expectations

Footsteps in the sands of time
It´s still running through the glass
You left no marks - it´s too demanding
You reach for a moment
Does it happen to slip away?

Left with empty hands
Endless hours are coming your way
I find it hard to believe
That this doesn´t affect the perception
Of yourself as an individual
A human being

And at the end of the day
You bury yourself again
Bury your dreams again

But there was that second
That you smiled
... keep that alive.


Adorno - Anchors Aweigh

There is no irony in what´s happening around us
Admidst streets of thousand lies
Let everything become as black as it can get

I hate culture in it´s form of stone
Stealing teeth from the hungry ones
I hate the revolution when it is just a nicie word
you can fit into

This city is as dead as Mr. Debord
and still, there is so much  that matters
Because when we say meaning
we mean it!

Life is real as long as it lasts
We will always be in love
In the name of our dreams.


Adorno - Timeline

Moving myself as a known time traveller
with nothing on his hands
Astronauts get lost in space
But they know they will never ever leave there anyway

It´s been said that I miss it
And I do miss everything about it

With clocks moving nothing
Nothing moving time
Time is moving nothing
Time moves nothing

So i walk backwards
While earth keeps spinning.

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