Syn Error - What Price, Wonderland? Split. Lyrics

What Price, Wonderland? - Being static

i shudder and shake
swerve accross the road
and every single spinning axis
is in perfect tune

singing the same song
singing the same words
but my direction is untold

out of time and out of touch
arriving home, in the worst possible kind of time

being static, is the only thing i can not stand

i want my hand to become the pen
my pen to become my hand
and to excite myself again

the cogs whir
as we begin to shudder and shake
these words mean nothing!
they don't even exist

Syn Error - 92

it's not the first time. choices are made.
opportunities revealed. so much empty spaces to be filled.
drawn blueprints assume shape.

to show we're just products of ourselves, just follow our
hearts and do what we love.

it's in our hands this time,
to live our lives,
that's all we've got.

Syn Error - If adventure has a name...

why do you accept it as given that history will never takenotice of you?
being a number in demographics and statistics maybe

no cause
no meaning
no ideals to claim your own

this is what you chose
it's the price for your comfort
and the silence

don't you realize that your 'happiness' will always be sterile
while your sadness will be without compassion?

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