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03.02.2012: Label-Abschied am 25.: Very Last Show of Mallorys Last Dance

(Unterm Durchschnitt, Adolar, Adorno, Black Box Pilot, Captain Planet, Clara Luzia, I Had Plans, Iskra, Jet Black, Katzenstreik) – 

Mallorys Last Dance werden am 25.2. auf unserer Abschiedsparty noch einmal - nach 2006 - gemeinsam auftreten und das letzte Mal spielen: The very last show!

31.12.2011: Bekanntgabe: Das Ende von unterm durchschnitt - Küsse sterben auf Lippen

(Unterm Durchschnitt, Adolar, Adorno, Black Box Pilot, Captain Planet, Clara Luzia, I Had Plans, Iskra, Jet Black, Katzenstreik) – 

Read my statement (in german language only!) on decision to end the label. There won´t be any new releases from 2012 on.

09.01.2009: First Clara Single to listen!

(Clara Luzia, Asinella) – 

In the meantime the first single has been uploaded to the facebook fancgroup clara luzia. if you run an account there please also notice the unterm durchschnitt-group.

05.01.2009: Clara finished work on 3rd Album

(Clara Luzia, Asinella) – 

clara luzia is currently finishing recording and mixing works to their 4th album titled as "the ground below".


28.11.2008: Radioconcert with Santogold

(Clara Luzia, Asinella) – 

clara luzia plays a broadcasted radioconcert with new yorks santogold. you can listen to it via stream tomorrow.

03.11.2008: Interview with Bayrischer Rundfunk

(Clara Luzia, Asinella) – 

Nice to hear interview with clara luzia broadcasted on BR/on3 Radio.

29.10.2008: Clara Luzia on Bayrischer Rundfunk

(Clara Luzia, Asinella) – 

clara luzia gave an interview to bavarian Radio Bayrischer Rundfunk. it will be broadcasted this friday between 4 - 6pm at "live on3radio"-show.

08.09.2008: Spex features Clara Luzia

(Clara Luzia, Asinella) – 

nice to read feature about clara luzia at spex magazine.

04.08.2008: Der Standard interviews Clara Luzia

(Clara Luzia, Asinella) – 

read an interview with clara luzia in austrians daily der standard.

29.07.2008: Clara sings chinese

(Clara Luzia, Asinella) – 

the german label lieblingslied records invited clara luzia along with other bands and artist such als bunny lake, wir sind helden, tele, die ärzte - to name but a few - to record one of their songs in chinese.

27.05.2008: A new Clara-Song for free download

(Clara Luzia, Asinella) – 

download a brandnew clara luzia song in our mp3-section from her actual album


21.05.2008: Tourplans

(Clara Luzia, Asinella) – 

clara luzia will tour germany in september.

12.05.2008: "The string ... and then some" release

(Clara Luzia, Asinella) – 

clara luzia released a new EP "the string ... and then some" this week.

19.04.2008: Clara won Amadeus Award!

(Clara Luzia, Asinella) – 

Clara Luzia won the AMADEUS AWARD "Best Alternativ Act"! check out her perfomance.


18.03.2008: Clara Luzia pre-nominated for Amadeus

(Clara Luzia, Asinella) – 

Clara Luzia are pre-nominated for the Austrian Music Award Amadeus.

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