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03.02.2012: Label-Abschied am 25.: Very Last Show of Mallorys Last Dance

(Unterm Durchschnitt, Adolar, Adorno, Black Box Pilot, Captain Planet, Clara Luzia, I Had Plans, Iskra, Jet Black, Katzenstreik) – 

Mallorys Last Dance werden am 25.2. auf unserer Abschiedsparty noch einmal - nach 2006 - gemeinsam auftreten und das letzte Mal spielen: The very last show!

31.12.2011: Bekanntgabe: Das Ende von unterm durchschnitt - Küsse sterben auf Lippen

(Unterm Durchschnitt, Adolar, Adorno, Black Box Pilot, Captain Planet, Clara Luzia, I Had Plans, Iskra, Jet Black, Katzenstreik) – 

Read my statement (in german language only!) on decision to end the label. There won´t be any new releases from 2012 on.

28.04.2011: I Had Plans review on gig in Hannover

(I Had Plans) – 

mn Photoblog posted a nice to read concert review, check the link below.

20.04.2011: I Had Plans release celebration

(I Had Plans) – 

I Had Plans played lots of great shows around Germany. Today Leipzig is on their route before going south to munich. Check out first reviews and a low budget podcast series by myself.

05.04.2011: I Had Plans start tour on 10th

(I Had Plans) – 

On April 10th I Had Plans start the van and kick off their tour including their brandnew release. At facebook we uploaded a few photos.

19.03.2011: Guidelines online

(I Had Plans) – 

We released a first mp3 from our forthcoming album by I Had Plans: Guidelines.

17.03.2011: Spring on hot wheels

(Adolar, I Had Plans, Mikrokosmos23, The Town Of Machine) – 

Adolar finished recordings for their album. Adolar, I Had Plans, Mikrokosmos23 and Town Of Machine will play a lot of gigs this spring hopefully in or near your town.

06.03.2011: European tourdates almost complete

(I Had Plans) – 

Lovely Lovers, the tour for I Had Plans (Portugal) is almost complete but a few dates are currently free so please help us and organize a DIY show or bring us in contact with your local bookers!

23.02.2011: A short teaser on I Had Plans

(I Had Plans) – 

We did a small teaser with live photos and a snippet from the upcoming album The Perception Of Beauty Is A Moral Test.

08.02.2011: I Had Plans confirm tourplan

(I Had Plans) – 

I Had Plans will tour from 10th april to 24th through Germany plus a few other european countries. Please contact us if you would like organize a show with them!

Their record "The Perception Of Beauty Is A Moral Test" will be released in April on our label.

22.01.2011: Durchblick

(I Had Plans) – 

Thanks to the printing plant for the first milestone. Records and the rest of the prints soon to come. Kisses to I Had Plans and Braulio!

13.01.2011: Delayed I Had Plans Release

(I Had Plans) – 

For december 2010 we planed I HAD PLANS to release. due to some organizational difficulties we need to shuffle the release date into march or april 2011. the band is working on new tourdates to that time and the pressing plant is on a good way finishing the production. Good news, eh?

29.10.2010: We have plans with I Had Plans

(I Had Plans) – 

We work together with I Had Plans from Portugal. This great band fascinated us with their emotional mixture of progressive indie and post hardcore/punk. Rough, critical and straight from the beaches under the portuguese sun.

21.02.2008: Releaseparty date anouncement

(I Had Plans) – 

two anouncements to peters gigs in hamburg: due to some irritations to the exact date of peters releaseparty we inform everyone: the releaseparty at grüner jäger/hamburg is set on march 28th.

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