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03.02.2012: Label-Abschied am 25.: Very Last Show of Mallorys Last Dance

(Unterm Durchschnitt, Adolar, Adorno, Black Box Pilot, Captain Planet, Clara Luzia, I Had Plans, Iskra, Jet Black, Katzenstreik) – 

Mallorys Last Dance werden am 25.2. auf unserer Abschiedsparty noch einmal - nach 2006 - gemeinsam auftreten und das letzte Mal spielen: The very last show!

31.12.2011: Bekanntgabe: Das Ende von unterm durchschnitt - Küsse sterben auf Lippen

(Unterm Durchschnitt, Adolar, Adorno, Black Box Pilot, Captain Planet, Clara Luzia, I Had Plans, Iskra, Jet Black, Katzenstreik) – 

Read my statement (in german language only!) on decision to end the label. There won´t be any new releases from 2012 on.

30.04.2011: Green Hell Summer-Special: Low budget, fat records

(Unterm Durchschnitt, Adolar, Adorno, Captain Planet, Iskra, Jet Black, Katzenstreik, Mikrokosmos23, Peters., Syn*Error) – 

Please check out Green Hell Mailorder´s latest offer on several of our releases. Pay 19,99 and get 3 albums or 2 albums and 3 7"s. Link below.

27.09.2009: Releaseplans: Captain Planet, Town Of Machine, Adolar ...

(Adolar, Captain Planet, Iskra, Jet Black, Katzenstreik, Mallorys Last Dance, Peters., The Town Of Machine) – 

There will be new releases in the next 2 months plus some anouncements and some sell outs in our mailorder, so please notice the following infos:

07.03.2008: Iskra reloaded?

(Iskra) – 

Iskra do restart ... not in the name of iskra. we keep you up to date around this band.

16.11.2007: Fairliebt T-Shirt Collection

(Unterm Durchschnitt, Captain Planet, Iskra, Peters.) – 

Fairtrade merchandiser Fairliebt developes a special unterm durchschnitt shirt-collection.

07.11.2007: The spark has burnt out!

(Iskra) – 

Read the official statement to the split of Iskra.

17.07.2007: Invitation to play UK

(Iskra) – 

we got an invitation for iskra playing a UK tour.

30.06.2007: Livefootage of Iskra in Leipzig

(Iskra) – 

live video footage of iskra performing at our labelnight in leipzig.

14.06.2007: I Can´t Relax - Discussion in Göttingen

(Captain Planet, Iskra, Various Artists) – 

I Can´t Relax In Deutschland Discussion - tomorrow in Göttingen!! Further Infos in the PDF Reader of Antifee-Festival. Also Captain Planet and Iskra will play there

08.06.2007: Cancelled Hamburg-Show

(Iskra) – 

we are sorry to anounce that the iskra-concert in hamburg on 10th june has been canceled.

31.05.2007: Iskra video on Leipzig

(Iskra) – 

iskra story includes a small live-video in actual issue of visions weekly. take a look here

22.05.2007: Europeanwide bookingdeal

(Iskra) – 

Paper & Iron-Booking will book iskra european wide from now on. we are very happy for this coop with our friend felix.

18.05.2007: Antifee Festival under anti-nationalist flag

(Iskra, Captain Planet) – 

iskra and captain planet will play in göttingen, antifee festival (university campus) accompanied with lots of discussions about self-governing life, sexism and nationalism. get further informations and your ticket at


07.05.2007: Myspace´s Artist Of The Week

(Iskra) – 

myspace decieded to present iskra as artist of the week.

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