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09.04.2010: A couple of new reviews

(Adolar, Captain Planet, Jet Black, Katzenstreik, Mallorys Last Dance, The Town Of Machine) – 

Brandnew reviews on The Town Of Machine, Katzenstreik and Adolar have been uploaded. Check them out in the record-area.

13.03.2010: Fettes Brot recommended Captain Planet

(Captain Planet) – 

Fettes Brot recommended Captain Planet´s Rambo at "Band-Scheibenvorfall" on Radio Energy to our amazement.

01.03.2010: News from the prints

(Adolar, Captain Planet, The Town Of Machine, Katzenstreik) – 

We added some more interviews with Captain Planet and Adolar plus some new reviews on Katzenstreik, The Town Of Machine and the brandnew Adolar record.

10.02.2010: Captain Planet Tour- and Festivalnews

(Captain Planet) – 

Captain Planet will play at Omas Teich Festival and Abi Festival and also have to anounce a few more clubshows for south-germany and switzerland.

04.02.2010: Captain Planet live on Motor FM

(Captain Planet) – 

Captain Planet will be live at Motor FM studios on February 5th from 6 to 7 pm.

27.01.2010: Koelncampus Radio on Cpt. Planet & Katzenstreik

(Captain Planet, Katzenstreik) – 

On January 28th cologne indieradio Kölncampus will broadcast an interview with Captain Planet and report on the new Katzenstreik record "Move".

20.01.2010: Marco Heckler comments Intro´s "Platten vor Gericht"

(Captain Planet) – 

In it´s actual issue Captain Planet bassplayer Marco Heckler gave comments on 11 records going to be released in january for Intro Magazine.

12.01.2010: Another interview with Captain Planet

(Captain Planet) – 

Captain Planet gave another interview to about Ruhr.2010

10.01.2010: Captain Planet Interview on

(Captain Planet) – 

Please check out the latest interview with Captain Planet on getaddicted Webzine.

16.12.2009: "Inselwissen" Reissues arrived

(Captain Planet) – 

Good news for people looking for "Inselwissen" - the reissues arrived.

07.12.2009: Excerpts from Captain Planet interview on Dunctonwood

(Captain Planet) – 

On October 14th Captain Planet hit the road with a package of 10 new songs from their fresh album "Inselwissen. The boys from Dunctonwood Webradio, a young and professional webradio, were first ones interviewing the band in Aachen at AZ. You can listen to 2 parts of the interview

28.11.2009: "Jucken im Arsch"

(Captain Planet) – 

Visions Magazine published a nice article on Captain Planet in it´s actual issue #201 titled "Jucken im Arsch" (engl. itching ass).

05.11.2009: Die Zeit reviews Captain Planet

(Captain Planet) – 

Fantastic ciritic by germany´s weekly Die Zeit on the new Captain Planet album "Inselwissen".

04.11.2009: Hamburger Abendblatt on Captain Planet

(Captain Planet) – 

Germany´s daily paper Hamburger Abendblatt published an nice to read article on Captain Planet sightseeing in Hamburg and talking about gentrification.

29.10.2009: Captain Planet Live-Reviews

(Captain Planet) – 

We published a few live-reviews have been written by people attending on the first part of captain´s inselwissen-tour.

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