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04.05.2007: A few days ... until THE NIGHT!

(Unterm Durchschnitt, Iskra, Peters., The Town Of Machine) – 

just a few days until unterm durchschnitt Labelnight...

02.05.2007: Campuscharts nominee

(Iskra) – 

iskra got airplay on many cool alternative- and collegeradios. if you like iskra and would like to hear more of this band in your local collegeradio, please feel free to vote for iskra at

28.03.2007: 7inch arrived!

(Iskra) – 

finally iskra 7inch debut arrived from the pressing & printing plant. we are totally happy with the compositions and a great artwork.

08.03.2007: Labelnight at Pop Up

(Unterm Durchschnitt, Iskra, Peters., The Town Of Machine) – 

We invite you for coming to Leipzig and visit us at the tradefair or on our Labelnight at Frühauf. Cocktailbar plus great music by Iskra, The Town Of Machine and Peters. is the minimum of what you can expect!

26.02.2007: First Song for download

(Iskra) – 

download one song from forthcoming iskra EP.

22.02.2007: Berlin with Monochrome

(Iskra) – 

Iskra will play shows with monochrome (Berlin) and Knarf Rellöm and Bernadette La Hengst (Hamburg). bookers should get in touch with us or the band.

01.02.2007: Preorder Iskra 7"

(Iskra) – 

You can preorder the Iskra 7" from now on at Grrr.

11.01.2007: Some more problems in manufacturing

(Iskra) – 

Some more problems in manufacturing Iskra´s debut 7" will cause a definite delay in releasing. We are sorry about this.

21.12.2006: Difficulties with prints

(Iskra) – 

due to some difficulties with cover-printing and vinyl-pressing the release of iskra 7inch might be delayed.

20.12.2006: Help out for 5th January

(Iskra) – 

Iskra , who are to release their first 7inch on our label february 2007, are desperately looking for a gig on Friday, January 5th 07, to replace a show that got cancelled at short notice!

15.12.2006: Release in february

(Iskra) – 

We will release Iskra 7" in february. More infos asap.

04.12.2006: Support for The Robocop Kraus

(Iskra) – 

iskra support the robocop kraus on 13th december in hamburg.

19.11.2006: Tour for december

(Iskra) – 

iskra currently plan some shows from december on.

03.10.2006: Iskra to release 7" on unterm durchschnitt

(Iskra) – 

we are proud to announce that iskra will release their first record on our label. you should check out some demos on their website. their 7inch is set on december, a full length will follow 2007.

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