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03.04.2006: End means end

(Jet Black) – 

last weekend was awesome. thanks to mischa, danny, kevin and nils for two great last shows.

29.03.2006: The last show on earth

(Jet Black) – 

do not miss jet black playing their definite last show on saturday april 1st in bremen, germany! Check out the digital Flyer! See you!!

25.03.2006: Berlin - what a Goodby!

(Jet Black) – 

awesome show in berlin. thanks to mario and loewe!!

23.03.2006: Before we lose ourself

(Jet Black, Mallorys Last Dance, Peters.) – 

jet black give their secondlast concert in berlin on March 24th at Kastanie.

21.03.2006: The Dead End - out now!

(Jet Black) – 

"the dead end" out now on lp + cd.

available in your favorite record store. In Russia via Old Skool Kids Reocrds!

04.03.2006: Flyer for Berlin-Show

(Jet Black) – 

download the digital flyer to jet blacks last shows in berlin and bremen.


28.02.2006: Release date strictly aherded

(Jet Black, Katzenstreik) – 

a lot of things to do like coordination between printing and duplication plants for the common jet black record

06.02.2006: Prelistening "48 h" of Jet Black

(Jet Black) – 

in march jet black will release "the dead end" on our label. from now on you can download their song "48 h". preorders possible at grrr mailorder


03.02.2006: The Dead End

(Jet Black) – 

This is pure tragic. The last record of Jet Black has the title "The Dead End".

30.01.2006: 1/2 of goodby in Berlin

(Jet Black) – 

1/2 of Jet Black´s last shows will happen in Berlin. March 24th at Kastanie85 plus guests. More infos asap.

17.01.2006: The new record will be a blast!

(Jet Black) – 

jet black finished recording and mastering yet and all i can say is: this records will be a blast.

01.01.2006: Reissue

(Jet Black) – 

reissue of jet black - s/t 7inch in special d.i.y. linol cover available now. new jet black album plus two last shows set for march.



22.12.2005: Reissue of Jet Black debut 7"

(Jet Black) – 

The Jet Black repress with a individual linoleum printed cover is ready for shipping. Order it in your favorite record store!

19.12.2005: Jet Black will End in 2006

(Jet Black) – 

2006 Jet Black will release their definite goodby on unterm durchschnitt. there will be 2 very last shows in Berlin and Bremen. Stay tuned for the latest infos. We keep you up to date

09.12.2005: Jet Black return to studio!

(Jet Black) – 

Jet Black return to studio and dated their goodby-shows on next year. We keep you up to date!

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