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27.09.2009: Releaseplans: Captain Planet, Town Of Machine, Adolar ...

(Adolar, Captain Planet, Iskra, Jet Black, Katzenstreik, Mallorys Last Dance, Peters., The Town Of Machine) – 

There will be new releases in the next 2 months plus some anouncements and some sell outs in our mailorder, so please notice the following infos:

09.11.2008: Katzenstreik work on 5th album!

(Katzenstreik) – 

Therewhile 3/4 are planing to continue working on a 5th full length. but as the band anounced in their latest bulletin it is up to old- and new katzenstreik fans if this project can take place. the band needs money to cover costs and to realize studiocosts. tobi (giwp-once@gmx.de) can give you further infos if you are interested in taking part at album no. 5 and be one of their supporters!

01.11.2008: Hagen left the Katzen

(Katzenstreik) – 

hagen, bassplayer and one of the founding members of katzenstreik left the band. But this shall not be game over, the band continues working on new material!

30.05.2008: Essay on economical possibilities

(Katzenstreik) – 

Tobias Hunke, known as drummer of Katzenstreik, relased a essay about economical possibilities for small bands and musicians at future music business-blog.

10.02.2008: Katzenstreik interview recycled

(Katzenstreik) – 

tobi found an interview with katzenstreik vom 2007 and published it at the bands myspace site. check it out.

06.12.2006: Katzenstreik tour continues

(Katzenstreik) – 

katzenstreik are on the road again!! do not miss their shows in berlin and halle.

22.11.2006: Persona Non Grata interview

(Katzenstreik) – 

actual persona non grata magazine includes an katzenstreik-report.

22.10.2006: Music Scan Interview, 2nd part

(Katzenstreik) – 

Part two of music scan-interview has been published today.

11.10.2006: Music-Scan Interview

(Katzenstreik) – 

katzenstreik singer bolle gave an interview to music-scan online zine.

03.09.2006: Schenk Mir Deine Liebe - Compilation

(Captain Planet, Jet Black, Katzenstreik) – 

Kommando Disko released an mp3 compilation "schenk mir deine liebe" for free download including jet black, captain planet, katzenstreik...


25.07.2006: Katzenstreik on Tour

(Katzenstreik) – 

katzenstreik are playing two shows upcoming weekend. solingen on 28th and ludwigshafen on 29th. next shows are set on august.

18.07.2006: Sellfish´s Interview of the week

(Katzenstreik) – 

conversation between micha and katzenstreik-singer bolle became interview of the week on sellfish.de.

05.07.2006: Viva Café Exil: soli-sampler

(Unterm Durchschnitt, Captain Planet, Katzenstreik) – 

Café Exiel is a non governmental meeting place - right across from an immigration office

06.06.2006: IIII out now!

(Katzenstreik) – 

street date: katzenstreik released their album "IIII" today. check out your local record store!

31.05.2006: unterm durchschnitt Bands on Tour

(Captain Planet, Katzenstreik, Peters.) – 

Katzenstreik, Captain Planet - on Tour. Auch peters. plan a new tour.

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