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16.02.2011: Festivalize

(Adolar, Captain Planet, Mikrokosmos23, The Town Of Machine) – 

It´s an extreme good start for us and our band´s appearing on several festivals.

13.02.2011: Fame. Best Of 2010 - Blogs on Adolar & Mikrokosmos23

(Adolar, Mikrokosmos23) – 

Do not care about votings, polls and other instruments of the culture industry. But if blogs as Famous In Sweden publish an subjective and personal Top 10...

08.02.2011: Mikrokosmos23 and Proton Team

(Mikrokosmos23) – 

Mikrokosmos23 will be booked by Proton Team from September 1st on. We are happy for the band´s chance.

08.02.2011: Ox interviewed Mikrokosmos23! Actual issue out now!

(Mikrokosmos23) – 

Please read Ox Fanzine´s actual issue including a brandnew and really good interview with Peter Löwe and Tom Pätschke.

24.01.2011: Mikrokosmos23 in Münster

(Mikrokosmos23) – 

Mikrokosmos23 will play Münster´s Gleis22 in March and seek a 2nd show at the weekend on March 11th. Help? Help!

22.01.2011: Mikrokosmos23 again Album Of The Week

(Mikrokosmos23) – 

A half year after "Memorandum" became release again got Album Of The Year. Notice ROW-People Onlinezine´s critic in album section of Memorandum.

05.01.2011: Dead City Radio interviewed Mikrokosmos23

(Mikrokosmos23) – 

Peter Löwe gave an interview to DC Radio in Dresden during their gig at AZ Conni.

15.11.2010: Podcast: Mikrokosmos23 & Adolar continue their video blog

(Adolar, Mikrokosmos23, Unterm Durchschnitt) – 

Please check out our Youtube channel and do not miss the chaotic, excessive and funny impressions filmed by Adolar and Mikrokosmos23 on their current tour through germany.

13.11.2010: Podcast: Adolar & Mikrokosmos23 auf Tour

(Unterm Durchschnitt, Adolar, Mikrokosmos23) – 

First podcast to yesterday´s show in Freiburg, KTS has been released. Updates will follow every 24h.

09.11.2010: Augsburg show rescheduled

(Adolar, Mikrokosmos23) – 

Adolar and Mikrokosmos23 will play at Schwarzes Schaf Club and not at Ballonfabrik due to problems with a license for concerts there.

28.10.2010: Punk-Spezial

(Unterm Durchschnitt, Adolar, Mikrokosmos23) – 

It´s one of the biggest mags for subversive rockmusic in Germany. Uncle Sallys did a big report on nowadays punkscene, interviewed several bands, labels and other creatives. Adolar, Mikrokosmos23 and our label got interviewed therefor.

27.10.2010: Mikrokosmos23 played an awesome accoustic set

(Mikrokosmos23) – 

Mikrokosmos23 appeared at Pop10 live´s Street Gig and played an incredible set of three re-arranged songs

26.10.2010: Mikrokosmos23 live in Magdeburg (for free!)

(Mikrokosmos23) – 

Today Mikrokosmos23 will play a balcony show at Olvenstedter Straße 10 in Magdeburg at the TV local "Offener Kanal Magdeburg". This gig is part of Pop 10´s Street Gig.

26.10.2010: Yagaloo need financial support

(Mikrokosmos23, Unterm Durchschnitt) – 

Yagaloo TV has financial problems due to their sponsor quit the relationsship. They supported our latest band Mikrokosmos23 by interviewing them. Please buy exclusive designed Shirt by drummer Tom Pätschke to support Yagaloo.

18.10.2010: Mikrokosmos23 rocked Darmstadt

(Mikrokosmos23) – 

Playing at Oettinger Villa is a risk, the Squat is a real huge villa.

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