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01.09.2005: Neues Deutschland interviewed Roger Behrens

(Various Artists) – 

Newspaper Das Neue Deutschland" wrote an article after interviewing Roger Behrens.

31.08.2005: Visions Magazine organizes roundtable

(Various Artists) – 

Visions Magazine organized a roundtable to debate on our Compilation I Can´t Relax In Deutschland. At the table toke place: Martin Büsser (Author, Ventil Verlag), Thomas (Robocop Kraus) and Marvin Alster (I Can´t Relax In Deutschland). The article is titled as "Wiedersprüche aushalten".

30.08.2005: Nillson interviews Katzenstreik

(Various Artists) – 

A long and intensive interview with Katzenstreik on

30.08.2005: Many many reviews and reports

(Various Artists) – 

A nice article at plus reports at Visions, Musikexpress, Spex, Du+Ich, Stadtkind, Zitty plus many radioreports on Radio 1, Deutschlandradio and others.

25.08.2005: I Can´t Relax In Deutschland - Out now!

(Various Artists) – 

Our Book-CD-Compilation "I Can´t Relax In Deutschland" is out now and available in stores.

25.08.2005: Spex makes hot topic out of ICRID

(Various Artists) – 

Spex did a 4 pages fat feature about I Can´t Relax In Deutschland. Many radiostations, such as Deutschlandfunk, Radio 1 Berlin or Radio Z reporting about our campaign.

22.08.2005: Muff Potter: Interview with Plastic Bomb

(Various Artists) – 

Plastic Bomb publishes a feature about our Initiative with theoretical backrounds and a nice to read interview with punkrockers Muff Potter about nationalism in punkculture.

14.08.2005: Record of the month on

(Various Artists) – 

"i can´t relax in deutschland" is record of the month on


04.08.2005: Features to I Can´t Relax In Deutschland

(Various Artists) – 

Features to I Can´t Relax In Deutschland in following Magazines and Papers:

04.08.2005: Peters live review

(Various Artists) – 

A nice to read review on peters.´ show in Hamburg by Blue Print Fanzine.

27.07.2005: Book Of The Month

(Various Artists) – 

Visions Magazine Issue #149 names our new compilation book-cd " I Can´t Relax In Deutschland" as Book Of The Month!

18.06.2005: I Can´t Relax In Deutschland Preorder

(Various Artists) – 

You can preorder I Can´t Relax In Deutschland at Release is set on August 29th.

22.05.2005: 3Sat Kulturzeit reports on ICIRD

(Various Artists) – 

3Sat Kulturzeit reports tomorrow on our projeckt "I Can´t Relax In Deutschland"

11.05.2005: Tracklist to I Can´t Relax In Deutschland

(Various Artists, Peters.) – 

Almost exklusive, rare or prevously unreleased Tracks from Mouse On Mars, Monochrome, Räuberhöhle feat. Saalschutz, Peters. feat. Egotronic, Muff Potter, Tocotronic, Kettcar, Die Goldenen Zitronen, The Robocop Kraus, Die Sterne, von Spar, Stella, Knarf Rellöm, t.Raumschmiere, Lawrence and others.

26.04.2005: Online!

(Various Artists) – is online from now on. you get many infos about our initiative " I Can´t Relax In Deutschland" there.

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