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10.01.2010: Captain Planet Interview on

(Captain Planet) – 

Please check out the latest interview with Captain Planet on getaddicted Webzine.

08.01.2010: First news on Adolar debut

(Adolar) – 

We put together first infos on the soon to be released debut of our sweethearts Adolar.

04.01.2010: Exclusive Adolar Album-Trailer at Myspace

(Adolar) – 

Adolar released a exclusive trailer from their soon to come full length at myspace.

01.01.2010: RSS Feed

(Unterm Durchschnitt) – 

You can now check our news via RSS Feed. Check our link below for general infos on RSS.

19.12.2009: "Move" in stock

(Katzenstreik) – 

Yesterday the first pressing of Katzenstreik´s new album "Move" reached our office.

16.12.2009: "Inselwissen" Reissues arrived

(Captain Planet) – 

Good news for people looking for "Inselwissen" - the reissues arrived.

07.12.2009: Excerpts from Captain Planet interview on Dunctonwood

(Captain Planet) – 

On October 14th Captain Planet hit the road with a package of 10 new songs from their fresh album "Inselwissen. The boys from Dunctonwood Webradio, a young and professional webradio, were first ones interviewing the band in Aachen at AZ. You can listen to 2 parts of the interview

01.12.2009: 'Mariokart vs Kettcar' in notes

(Adolar) – 

If you can read music and play piano this might be something for you folks. "Mariokart vs Kettcar" by Adolar in notes.

28.11.2009: "Jucken im Arsch"

(Captain Planet) – 

Visions Magazine published a nice article on Captain Planet in it´s actual issue #201 titled "Jucken im Arsch" (engl. itching ass).

28.11.2009: Videodiary from recording session

(Adolar) – 

Tom of Adolar did a small Video with impressions from recordingsessiosn in august.

25.11.2009: 2 new Katzenstreik Songs put online

(Katzenstreik) – 

There are two recently new recorded tracks put online.

18.11.2009: Katzenstreik - 5th Album on its way

(Katzenstreik) – 

The fifth Katzenstreik record is on it´s way. Preorder it now!

17.11.2009: The Town Of Machine 7"s + Covers arrived

(The Town Of Machine) – 

and got packed right now, will be delivered to our distro and shops and customers in a few hours.

11.11.2009: Some infos about The Town Of Machine 7"

(The Town Of Machine) – 

There is a huge delay in sending out the 7"s to you and record stores due to some problems with our partners in crime from the printing- and pressing frontline.

05.11.2009: New song online

(The Town Of Machine) – 

Listen to a brandnew The Town Of Machine song.

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