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05.11.2009: Die Zeit reviews Captain Planet

(Captain Planet) – 

Fantastic ciritic by germany´s weekly Die Zeit on the new Captain Planet album "Inselwissen".

04.11.2009: Hamburger Abendblatt on Captain Planet

(Captain Planet) – 

Germany´s daily paper Hamburger Abendblatt published an nice to read article on Captain Planet sightseeing in Hamburg and talking about gentrification.

29.10.2009: Captain Planet Live-Reviews

(Captain Planet) – 

We published a few live-reviews have been written by people attending on the first part of captain´s inselwissen-tour.

25.10.2009: Right now - Cpt. Plane special on Byte.FM

(Captain Planet) – 

Listen to it by clicking on the link below

24.10.2009: Hamburg´s Daily on Captain Planet

(Captain Planet) – 

A fantastic review and a feature on Captain Planet about gentrification has been published in today´s issue.

23.10.2009: "Inselwissen" out now!

() – 

Captain Planet´s brandnew album is out now and available in stores! Get your copy there, find ordering infos on our inselwissen-album-page...

19.10.2009: The Town Of Machine tourdates

(The Town Of Machine) – 

The Town Of Machine tourdates have been updated. The band is still looking for some gigs so please get in touch with them to organize one.

16.10.2009: Adolar interview to Rock Spot

(Adolar) – 

Please read the newest review Adolar gave Rock Spot.

15.10.2009: Week-long New Noise Special

(Captain Planet) – 

New Noise is the name of Dunctonwood Webradio´s Show that will feature Captain Planet for one week. Each day you can hear a bunch of new songs from the forthcoming album "Inselwissen" plus a interview recorded at 2 a.m. at AZ Aachen.

14.10.2009: On tour with Inselwissen

(Captain Planet) – 

Captain Planet are currently on tour through germany presenting new songs to you. So be there, check the tourdates

11.10.2009: Captains play Dresden on 13th

(Captain Planet) – 

Captain Planet will play one more show in November, 13th at AZ Conni.

06.10.2009: Katzenstreik put out fresh snippets

(Katzenstreik) – 

There was a lot of support for the band by fans giving money so that studio- and recordingscosts could be paid. Now the band will give it back to you.

04.10.2009: Katzenstreik finished studio recordings

(Katzenstreik) – 

Yes, it is done and katzenstreik returned from studio. there is a bunch of new songs and we will keep you up to date what will happen with.

27.09.2009: Releaseplans: Captain Planet, Town Of Machine, Adolar ...

(Adolar, Captain Planet, Iskra, Jet Black, Katzenstreik, Mallorys Last Dance, Peters., The Town Of Machine) – 

There will be new releases in the next 2 months plus some anouncements and some sell outs in our mailorder, so please notice the following infos:

25.09.2009: IT-News: Mp3 Downloadproblems fixed

(Unterm Durchschnitt) – 

Rolf fixed some problems with mp3 downloads. So do not hesitate and download tons of free mp3s.

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