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14.06.2002: Squeeze#6 play Salmohr Open Air

(Black Box Pilot) – 

Squeeze#6 are confirmed for another Open Air, in Salmohr on 10th august. On 22nd June they will play Rock Harz Open Air.

02.06.2002: Another new Squeeze#6 website relaunch

(Black Box Pilot) – 

The new website is online now.

02.06.2002: New Squeeze#6 Site online, at studio this winter

(Black Box Pilot) – 

Squeeze#6 put their new designed website online. They will enter studio for new recordings this winter.

22.05.2002: Independent underground radio Kanal B plays Jet Black and Squeeze#6

(Black Box Pilot, Jet Black) – 

Jet Black and Squeeze#6 are on the playlist of Kanal B, Berlin

27.04.2002: Thank you for wonderful evening in Hamburg

(Black Box Pilot) – 

Squeeze#6 would like to say thank you for a wonderful audience celebrating their concert in hamburg. a video will be put online from this evening soon.

26.04.2002: features Squeeze#6

(Black Box Pilot) – 

Squeeze#6 who will play KC Memorial Night will be featured at Besonic.

23.04.2002: Radio RS 5, Cueno Italy is playing S#6

(Black Box Pilot) – 

"i adore squeeze#6" wrote sergio from radio rs 5 in italy. on three different radioshows they´ll play Squeeze#6, we´ve been told.

19.04.2002: At Moskito Studio

(Black Box Pilot) – 

Jet Black are currently recording their songs.

28.03.2002: Tickets for Squeeze#6 Show in Hamburg

(Black Box Pilot) – 

You can buy tickets in advance for Kurt Cobain Memorial Night at Hamburg, Markthalle from now on. Onlinezine put a new review online.

20.03.2002: Squeeze#6 play Kurt Cobain Memorial Night

(Black Box Pilot) – 

on 26th april Squeeze#6 are booked for Kurt Cobain Memorial Night in Hamburg, Markthalle presented by Nirvanclub.

05.03.2002: Singer starts soloproject Gamaschkca

(Black Box Pilot) – 

Helge Christoph Wilcken started his soloproject and puts first song "How Up do high knee" for free online at

03.03.2002: Squeeze#6 confirmed for Rock Harz Open Air

(Black Box Pilot) – 

Squeeze#6 play Rock Harz Open Air in Osterode/Harz.

14.02.2002: Small Squeeze#6 Videoclip

(Black Box Pilot) – 

Tourmixer of Squeeze#6 put together a small clip of Squeeze#6, free to download. Contact the band for the download link.

25.01.2002: Festival Season 2002 - Squeeze#6 at Friedensfestival

(Black Box Pilot) – 

Tamare Bunke e.V. organizes a festival against fascism and racism in sachsen-area in Görlitz, 11th may.

18.01.2002: Rock Hard reviews Squeeze#6

(Black Box Pilot) – 

Hammer of the month at germanys top metal mag Rock Hard for Squeeze#6. Also a nice to read review at OX Fanzine.

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