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19.09.2005: Jet Black must cancel the very last one

(Jet Black) – 

It should not happen. The last show must be cancelled due to the health situation of drummer Micha. We can not say to this time if there will be a 2nd attempt the band can not say. We keep you up to date.

16.09.2005: Jet Black anounce "The Last Show"

(Jet Black) – 

Jet Black phoned me a few hours ago to tell me: "Hey Andreas, tomorrow we will play our last show." They plan to do a last record together. The show will be organized by Straight From The Heart.

22.03.2005: Work in progress

(Various Artists, Jet Black, Peters., Katzenstreik) – 

Long time no news. We are working on the new compilation which takes a lot of time. Also a couple of unterm durchschnitt bands are in studio or rehearsal to write on new material.

14.10.2004: Jet Black against fascists

(Jet Black) – 

To support anti-nazi-activities in Köln-Kalk where fascists try to demonstrate Jet Black play a show in Bonn, organized by Mad Antifa.

20.09.2004: Katzenstreik & Jet Black Tourdates

(Jet Black, Katzenstreik) – 

Katzenstreik tourdates confirmed. Jet Black plan a tour for november.

27.04.2004: Concert and reading Festival

(Jet Black, Peters.) – 

Jet Black, Peters. and Bleak will play after Kevin Gonewardena read out of his new book in Karlsruhe at Ex-Steffi.

08.04.2004: Cancelled Ilmenau-Gig

(Jet Black) – 

Jet Black had to cancel their show for Ilmenau at Zentrale.

03.03.2004: Free Animal Solidarity Compilation

(Jet Black, Katzenstreik, Mallorys Last Dance, Peters.) – 

A bunch of interesting bands takes part on an international solidarity compilations to free animals. Also the unterm durchschnitt Clique Jet Black, Mallorys Last Dance, Peters. and Katzenstreik is part of this project released by flameswaveswords.

14.12.2003: Part of Three Chords Compilation

(Jet Black) – 

Jet Black are part of Three Chords Fanzine-Compilation.

21.11.2003: X-Mas tour

(Jet Black) – 

jet black going to play a couple of shows between x-mas and y-vester.

27.09.2003: Split tape with new songs?

(Jet Black, Mallorys Last Dance) – 

Jet Black wrote two new songs. the actual plan is to release them via split-tape with their good fellows Mallorys Last Dance

21.09.2003: A bunch of reviews

(Jet Black) – 

A bunch of new reviews on Jet Blacks 7" EP has been updated. Read it.

19.08.2003: Recording session

(Jet Black) – 

Jet Black are currently recording a couple of new demos.

23.05.2003: Complete tour cancelled

(Jet Black) – 

Jet Black cancelled their whole tour. it will be reorganized for autumn. we inform you about updates asap.


24.02.2003: Famous Visions Magazine reviews Jet Black!

(Jet Black) – 

Visions wrote an amazing review about our 7" release by Jet Black.

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