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19.04.2005: First infos about I Can´t Relax

(Various Artists) – 

A couple of newspapers such as Züricher Tagesspiegel and music magazines mentioned our I Can´t Relax Compilation. Visions Magazine wrote the band "kettcar" would write an article for it, which is wrong information.

22.03.2005: Work in progress

(Various Artists, Jet Black, Peters., Katzenstreik) – 

Long time no news. We are working on the new compilation which takes a lot of time. Also a couple of unterm durchschnitt bands are in studio or rehearsal to write on new material.

29.01.2005: Pre-Infos to our new Compilation

(Various Artists) – 

You´ll get some informations when checking infos on our new compilation-project "I Can´t Relax In Deutschland"

13.12.2004: Turn It Down - Compilation released

(Various Artists) – 

Today our compilation Turn It Down" has been released. This must have finds support by many bands from punk and hardcore scene and is ment to fight nazi-subculture.

27.11.2004: I Can´t Relax In Deutschland Releaseplans

(Various Artists) – 

The compilation I Can´t Relax In Deutschland will be released on May 23rd 2005. More infos on the new campaign´s website.

12.11.2004: Time For A Change Festival

(Katzenstreik, Various Artists) – 

Katzenstreik headlined a festival with Captain Planet and Matula in Bad Salzungen (Thüringen) against nationalistic tendencies in german popculture.

08.11.2004: Music against Nazi-Subculture

(Unterm Durchschnitt, Various Artists) – 

Work on Turn It Down - Compilation Against Nazi-Music are in progress. Relase will be next month but a big comunity of bands, labels and institutions is involved so it won´t cause problems with this short timetable. Releaseparty will be 11th and 12th december in berlin.

04.11.2004: Anti-Nationalist Project

(Various Artists, Unterm Durchschnitt) – 

We currently work out a concept for a compilation against nationalistic tendencies in german popculture. It will be released in May 2005.

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