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22.03.2005: Work in progress

(Various Artists, Jet Black, Peters., Katzenstreik) – 

Long time no news. We are working on the new compilation which takes a lot of time. Also a couple of unterm durchschnitt bands are in studio or rehearsal to write on new material.

02.01.2005: Interview in Wahrschauer Fanzine

(Katzenstreik) – 

Katzenstreik Interview published in Wahrschauer Fanzine plus free Track on Wahrschauer Compilation.

21.12.2004: Repress available

(Katzenstreik) – 

We repressed "Solves Your Problems" on Vinyl and CD due to high demands. Still available in your favorite record store or at Grrr.

12.11.2004: Time For A Change Festival

(Katzenstreik, Various Artists) – 

Katzenstreik headlined a festival with Captain Planet and Matula in Bad Salzungen (Thüringen) against nationalistic tendencies in german popculture.

20.09.2004: Katzenstreik & Jet Black Tourdates

(Jet Black, Katzenstreik) – 

Katzenstreik tourdates confirmed. Jet Black plan a tour for november.

16.09.2004: Katzenstreik Animee

(Katzenstreik) – 

Micha Hirt, designer of great "Solves Your Problems" Cover, did a anime including the characters and style of the cover. It is about a controlled society where the border between public and privacy seems to be eleminated. Streaming infos below.

19.08.2004: Katzenstreik booking tour

(Katzenstreik) – 

Please write us if you have interest in organizing a show with Katzenstreik in your town between october and december. Further details read below.

09.04.2004: Katzenstreik special at rm.fm

(Katzenstreik) – 

A special on rm.fm including interview and merchandise lottery.

04.04.2004: Solves Your Problems out now!

(Katzenstreik) – 

The new and third Katzenstreik record has been released on Vinyl and Compact Disc. Check out some mp3s!

03.03.2004: Free Animal Solidarity Compilation

(Jet Black, Katzenstreik, Mallorys Last Dance, Peters.) – 

A bunch of interesting bands takes part on an international solidarity compilations to free animals. Also the unterm durchschnitt Clique Jet Black, Mallorys Last Dance, Peters. and Katzenstreik is part of this project released by flameswaveswords.

20.02.2004: Preorder on Katzenstreik-Record

(Katzenstreik) – 

You can preorder the new Katzenstreik Album "Solves Your Problems" now at Grrr!

10.01.2004: Solve all your problems

(Katzenstreik) – 

The new Katzenstreik record is titled "Solve Your Problems". It is their 3rd record.

06.01.2004: Katzenstreik new in the roster

(Katzenstreik) – 

There is a new band in our roster named Katzenstreik. It is a band from Göttingen we worked close to a couple of years ago. Personally Andreas knows Drummer Tobi since schooltime.

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