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21.07.2004: Moving to cologne

(Unterm Durchschnitt) – 

Mid of august cologne will be our new domicile. To prevent problems with mailings please send them to the adress below.

17.06.2004: peters. need help for gigs in germany

(Peters.) – 

A couple of shows has been anounced for czech-republic, but we need some help for germany. Concretet the band looks for shows between 29 - 30th July and 1st August.

26.05.2004: Tourplans for peters. in july

(Peters.) – 

Peters. are planing a tour for july. Please contact us if you can help out with gigs.

24.05.2004: Releaseparty was groce

(Peters.) – 

The party at weltbühne to our brandnew release "posteingang 17,73 cm Strukturanalyse" was a awesome one. Drunken Juri Gagarin could not play a whole set or simply a complete song.

20.05.2004: Peters. Releaseparty

(Peters.) – 

Move your ass to Hamburg, celebrating the release of Peters.´ debut EP!

08.05.2004: Exclusive Buttons

(Unterm Durchschnitt, Peters.) – 

Bernd Papenfuss, Simon (Kleinstadthelden) and Fabian Wulff (peters.) designed exclusive buttons. You get them on your order at Grrr Mailorder for free!

04.05.2004: Pop Up Tradefair 2004

(Unterm Durchschnitt) – 

Meet us at this years Pop Up Tradefair in Leipzig.

03.05.2004: Coole Leute Videoclip

(Peters.) – 

peters. did a videoclip to their song "Coole Leute" with Lennart Basimelka.

28.04.2004: Black Box Pilot cancelled Bad Grund

(Black Box Pilot) – 

We are sorry but Black Box Pilot had to cancel their show in Bad Grund.

27.04.2004: Concert and reading Festival

(Jet Black, Peters.) – 

Jet Black, Peters. and Bleak will play after Kevin Gonewardena read out of his new book in Karlsruhe at Ex-Steffi.

14.04.2004: Rolling Stone presents Black Box Pilot in Hamburg

(Black Box Pilot) – 

Rolling Stone presents Black Box Pilot playing Hamburg on 17th.

09.04.2004: Katzenstreik special at

(Katzenstreik) – 

A special on including interview and merchandise lottery.

08.04.2004: Cancelled Ilmenau-Gig

(Jet Black) – 

Jet Black had to cancel their show for Ilmenau at Zentrale.

05.04.2004: Delta Radio presents Hamburg show

(Black Box Pilot) – 

Delta Radio presents Black Box Pilot playing Markthalle on KCM-Night.

04.04.2004: Solves Your Problems out now!

(Katzenstreik) – 

The new and third Katzenstreik record has been released on Vinyl and Compact Disc. Check out some mp3s!

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