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31.03.2004: Show in Sondershausen cancelled

(Black Box Pilot) – 

black box pilot need to cancel the show for sondershausen.

16.03.2004: Peters. still in DIYish production

(Peters.) – 

They finished the record cover but now the labels need to be printed and stamped.

11.03.2004: Black Box Pilot to play KCM in Hamburg again

(Black Box Pilot) – 

Black Box Pilot and Bleak have been anounced to play at Markthalle on Kurt Cobain Memorial Night again. They played there as Squeeze#6 a year ago in front of 600 fans.

03.03.2004: Free Animal Solidarity Compilation

(Jet Black, Katzenstreik, Mallorys Last Dance, Peters.) – 

A bunch of interesting bands takes part on an international solidarity compilations to free animals. Also the unterm durchschnitt Clique Jet Black, Mallorys Last Dance, Peters. and Katzenstreik is part of this project released by flameswaveswords.

20.02.2004: Preorder on Katzenstreik-Record

(Katzenstreik) – 

You can preorder the new Katzenstreik Album "Solves Your Problems" now at Grrr!

10.01.2004: Solve all your problems

(Katzenstreik) – 

The new Katzenstreik record is titled "Solve Your Problems". It is their 3rd record.

06.01.2004: Katzenstreik new in the roster

(Katzenstreik) – 

There is a new band in our roster named Katzenstreik. It is a band from Göttingen we worked close to a couple of years ago. Personally Andreas knows Drummer Tobi since schooltime.

02.01.2004: New releasedate

(Peters.) – 

The new releasedate for peters. EP is dated on warmer days of this new year.

14.12.2003: Part of Three Chords Compilation

(Jet Black) – 

Jet Black are part of Three Chords Fanzine-Compilation.

05.12.2003: ContrAtom solidarity concert

(Black Box Pilot) – 

contrAtom party and solidarity concert in dibbersen. be there to see Black Box Pilot with Bleak live.

21.11.2003: X-Mas tour

(Jet Black) – 

jet black going to play a couple of shows between x-mas and y-vester.

19.11.2003: Interview in noisy neighbours fanzine

(Black Box Pilot) – 

An interview with Black Box Pilot has been published in Noisy Neighbours Fanzine.

30.09.2003: Paper on the situation of controlled youthculture

(Black Box Pilot, Unterm Durchschnitt) – 

Another gig has been cancelled. Another controlled youthcenter drawback. We published a small paper to the situation of controlled youthculture organized by nationalized institutions. Read it.

27.09.2003: Debut EP titled as "Posteingang 17,78 cm Strukturanalyse"

(Peters.) – 

peters. finished rehearsal and studiorecordings and are now developing a design for their debut titled as "Posteingang 17,78 cm Strukturanalyse"

27.09.2003: Split tape with new songs?

(Jet Black, Mallorys Last Dance) – 

Jet Black wrote two new songs. the actual plan is to release them via split-tape with their good fellows Mallorys Last Dance

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