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15.11.2010: Podcast: Mikrokosmos23 & Adolar continue their video blog

(Adolar, Mikrokosmos23, Unterm Durchschnitt) – 

Please check out our Youtube channel and do not miss the chaotic, excessive and funny impressions filmed by Adolar and Mikrokosmos23 on their current tour through germany.

13.11.2010: Podcast: Adolar & Mikrokosmos23 auf Tour

(Unterm Durchschnitt, Adolar, Mikrokosmos23) – 

First podcast to yesterday´s show in Freiburg, KTS has been released. Updates will follow every 24h.

09.11.2010: Augsburg show rescheduled

(Adolar, Mikrokosmos23) – 

Adolar and Mikrokosmos23 will play at Schwarzes Schaf Club and not at Ballonfabrik due to problems with a license for concerts there.

05.11.2010: Daniel Höötmann on the Adolar show in Berlin

(Adolar) – 

Check out his review

04.11.2010: My Chemical Romance on Adolar

(Adolar) – 

In a charmant way My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way said some personal things on Adolar, their support in Berlin yesterday.

28.10.2010: Punk-Spezial

(Unterm Durchschnitt, Adolar, Mikrokosmos23) – 

It´s one of the biggest mags for subversive rockmusic in Germany. Uncle Sallys did a big report on nowadays punkscene, interviewed several bands, labels and other creatives. Adolar, Mikrokosmos23 and our label got interviewed therefor.

28.10.2010: Adolar and Hirsch Effekt show on a ship in Bremen

(Adolar) – 

Wolfsburg JZ Ost has been canceled on November 28th. That´s why Adolar and Hirsch Effekt will play in Bremen Harbor playing on MS Treue ship.

20.10.2010: Adolar as special guests for My Chemical Romance

(Adolar) – 

Adolar have been invited to be guests at My Chemical Romance show in Berlin on November 3rd at Kesselhaus.

11.10.2010: Adolar support Jupiter Jones in Cologne, Live Music Hall

(Adolar) – 

Adolar will support Jupiter Jones in Cologne, Live Music Hall on December 26th, 2010.

10.10.2010: Colgone show of Captain Planet allready sold out!

(Captain Planet, Adolar) – 

The Captain Planet concert in Cologne, Aetherblissment on December 4th 2010 is allready sold out! There won´t be any tickets for sale when doors open!

Adolar play with The Town Machine on December 3rd. Tickets are still available!

30.09.2010: Adolar have a booking agency

(Adolar) – 

Adolar have a booking agency. Sparta Entertainment will book the Band from now on.

28.09.2010: Several concert documentaries

(Adolar, Captain Planet, Mikrokosmos23) – 

In the last 3 weeks Captain Planet, Adolar and Mikrokosmos23 were still busy delivering the new party programme to you. (Report in german)

24.09.2010: Adolar´s rugedy

(Adolar) – 

Adolar released another funny video-snippet...

07.09.2010: 100. show in 24 months

(Adolar) – 

Adolar will celebrate their 100th show in not more than 24 months this september at their homebase in Salzwedel, Kulturhaus.

26.08.2010: "Kackt mich an für 5 Euro" - Adolar Radiocollage

(Adolar) – 

Pleace pay attention to a radio collage of several interviews Adolar gave after releasing "Planet Rapidia" and "Schwörende Seen, Ihr Schicksalsjahre!"

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