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16.09.2001: Delmenhorst show cancelled.

(Jet Black) – 

The show at Gymnasium Delmenhorst has been cancelled.

07.09.2001: Jet Black Show a week later

(Jet Black) – 

Jet Black will play on 15th september in bremen, a week later than planed.

02.09.2001: A Mess for SPD

(Black Box Pilot) – 

1.57 a.m. and Kaputter Klaus is back with wounds on his hands and knees. Back from Banteln, where the SPD Juso Election campaign happend. As mentioned in earlier news Squeeze#6 and Flötenhardcore Allstars tried to desturb the harmony of this party.

31.08.2001: Dear You Webzine

(Jet Black) – 

Danny from Jet Black started his webzine Dear You.

31.08.2001: Squeeze#6 cheated by SPD

(Black Box Pilot) – 

german mainstream party SPD booked squeeze#6 camouflaging as adressor.

30.08.2001: Appearance on Plastic Bomb Compilation#36

(Black Box Pilot) – 

Squeeze#6 appear on Plastic Bomb Fanzine Compilation of Issue #36. You get it free when buying a issue.

25.08.2001: Squeeze#6 at "Senkrechtstarter"

(Black Box Pilot) – 

Squeeze#6 will be studioguests in lunchtime´s show Senkrechtstarter on independent Radio Okerwelle

17.08.2001: Restyled website online

(Unterm Durchschnitt) – 

as you see, our new website is online, designed by Aline Neumann. thank you very much for your good work.

05.08.2001: Radio airplay in United States

(Black Box Pilot) – 

Squeeze#6 do have a fanbase in oakland. A Radio DJ is playing the bands album up and down beside to bands like Mouse On Mars or Guano Apes.

04.08.2001: No more cooperation with band Nirgendwo

(Black Box Pilot) – 

Squeeze#6 have to anounce that they will not work together in any form with grunge/punk band Nirgendwo from kassel anymore.

01.08.2001: Supporting Bratbeaters in Kassel

(Black Box Pilot) – 

more Squeeze#6 dates have been confirmed. they will support Bratbeaters in Kassel

29.07.2001: Antifascists Goerlitz asked for support

(Black Box Pilot) – 

Squeeze#6 support antifascist action in goerlitz

28.07.2001: Singer Helge felt 6 meters deep

(Black Box Pilot) – 

Squeeze#6 singer Helge felt 6 meters down a gravel pit. a party did take place near this pit. luckily he landed on soft sand and did not hurt much.

27.07.2001: Jet Black will stop in Osterode/Harz

(Jet Black) – 

Jet Black are up to play a show with Mad Minority and El Mariachi in Osterode, Haus der Jugend.

27.07.2001: Tourdates August/September

(Black Box Pilot) – 

The following Squeeze#6 gigs will take place in august and september.

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