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02.04.2011: Digital-Single soon to come

(Adolar) – 

In a few weeks we will release a 2nd single from Adolar´s "Schwörende Seen, Ihr Schicksalsjahre!" album. In a few days we will give you further details on it.

26.03.2011: Knightrider video documentation

(Mikrokosmos23) – 

Last year Mikrokosmos23 broke the silence with a video clip to their 1st single "Knightrider Generation" from their 2nd album "Memorandum". A photoalbum documents the production in Berlin.

19.03.2011: Guidelines online

(I Had Plans) – 

We released a first mp3 from our forthcoming album by I Had Plans: Guidelines.

17.03.2011: Spring on hot wheels

(Adolar, I Had Plans, Mikrokosmos23, The Town Of Machine) – 

Adolar finished recordings for their album. Adolar, I Had Plans, Mikrokosmos23 and Town Of Machine will play a lot of gigs this spring hopefully in or near your town.

07.03.2011: Adolar and Mikrokosmos23 Creative Commons

() – 

Adolar Presseoto - Creative Commons Namensnennung-Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Deutschland Lizenz.

06.03.2011: European tourdates almost complete

(I Had Plans) – 

Lovely Lovers, the tour for I Had Plans (Portugal) is almost complete but a few dates are currently free so please help us and organize a DIY show or bring us in contact with your local bookers!

24.02.2011: Volksstimme Magdeburg interview

(Mikrokosmos23) – 

Yesterday Volksstimme Magdeburg published and interview with Mikrokosmos23.

23.02.2011: A short teaser on I Had Plans

(I Had Plans) – 

We did a small teaser with live photos and a snippet from the upcoming album The Perception Of Beauty Is A Moral Test.

16.02.2011: Festivalize

(Adolar, Captain Planet, Mikrokosmos23, The Town Of Machine) – 

It´s an extreme good start for us and our band´s appearing on several festivals.

13.02.2011: Fame. Best Of 2010 - Blogs on Adolar & Mikrokosmos23

(Adolar, Mikrokosmos23) – 

Do not care about votings, polls and other instruments of the culture industry. But if blogs as Famous In Sweden publish an subjective and personal Top 10...

08.02.2011: Mikrokosmos23 and Proton Team

(Mikrokosmos23) – 

Mikrokosmos23 will be booked by Proton Team from September 1st on. We are happy for the band´s chance.

08.02.2011: Ox interviewed Mikrokosmos23! Actual issue out now!

(Mikrokosmos23) – 

Please read Ox Fanzine´s actual issue including a brandnew and really good interview with Peter Löwe and Tom Pätschke.

08.02.2011: I Had Plans confirm tourplan

(I Had Plans) – 

I Had Plans will tour from 10th april to 24th through Germany plus a few other european countries. Please contact us if you would like organize a show with them!

Their record "The Perception Of Beauty Is A Moral Test" will be released in April on our label.

24.01.2011: Mikrokosmos23 in Münster

(Mikrokosmos23) – 

Mikrokosmos23 will play Münster´s Gleis22 in March and seek a 2nd show at the weekend on March 11th. Help? Help!

22.01.2011: Mikrokosmos23 again Album Of The Week

(Mikrokosmos23) – 

A half year after "Memorandum" became release again got Album Of The Year. Notice ROW-People Onlinezine´s critic in album section of Memorandum.

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