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21.08.2010: Adolar at work

(Adolar, Mikrokosmos23) – 

While Mikrokosmos23 lay back and wait Adolar work hard(ly) on new material. They documented their current process at youtube:

20.08.2010: Mikrokosmos23 release: Knightrider Generation iTunes EP

(Mikrokosmos23, Adolar) – 

Today Mikrokosmos23 release their EP "Knightrider Generation" on iTunes presenting two bonustracks.

19.08.2010: "Knightrider Generation EP" out tomorrow and 1st reviews

(Mikrokosmos23, Adolar) – 

Tomorrow you should check out the iTunes-EP release of Mikrokosmos23 including some exclusive or rare stuff. There´s one song of Peter Löwe with 2nd vocals by Tom Mischok of Adolar.

04.08.2010: Confirmation for Reeperbahn Festival

(Adolar, Captain Planet) – 

Adolar and Captain Planet confirmed for Reeperbahn Festival

01.07.2010: Adolar add two new shows

(Adolar) – 

Check out tourdates. Adolar will play a couple of shows this summer.

02.06.2010: Adolar review and tonight´s show

(Adolar) – 

Tonight Adolar will perform live in Essen at Emo. Please notice the latest review on their actual album, Slam Magazine wrote a awesome one!

01.06.2010: Bootleg found from Abifestival 2010

(Adolar) – 

Found a bad soundquality clip from Adolar performing "Kitt" live at Abifestival 2010 and hundrets of kids singing the refrain... great impression.

24.05.2010: Festival-Season

(Captain Planet, Adolar) – 

The festival season starts and Adolar & Captain Planet will play a bunch of shows in germany. Check out the tourdates for further infos.

17.05.2010: Cassette compilation on Farblos Records

(Adolar, Captain Planet, Mikrokosmos23) – 

Farblos Records released a tape sampler including the creme de la creme of the actual emopunk scene featuring Captain Planet, Adolar, Mikrokosmos23 and many others.

15.05.2010: Melancholy and the infinite sadness

(Mikrokosmos23, Adolar) – 

Peter, singer and guitarist of Mikrokosmos23 released solo-stuff online. One song features Tom of Adolar playing bass.

13.05.2010: Adolar at Peter Nelson Show

(Adolar) – 

Peter Nelson sent an e-mail he likes Adolar.

10.04.2010: Peace. Here´s the Adolars

(Adolar) – 

Adolar released their 2nd single on Myspace "Busfahrplan o.D."

09.04.2010: A couple of new reviews

(Adolar, Captain Planet, Jet Black, Katzenstreik, Mallorys Last Dance, The Town Of Machine) – 

Brandnew reviews on The Town Of Machine, Katzenstreik and Adolar have been uploaded. Check them out in the record-area.

08.04.2010: Adolar interview on Dunctonwood

(Adolar) – 

Dunctonwood will broadcast an Adolar special feature next week

at their show "from the krauts! // landeier und großstadtgranaten" on Tue 1 - 2 am, Wed 05-06 am and Thu 17-18 pm.

23.03.2010: Resonance on Adolar

(Adolar) – 

While many DJs from several clubs around the country got in touch with us, several college and also a few mainstream radio-broadcasters paid attention to the new sound from Adolar many mags and fanzines reviewed the band but seems to be afraid of bringing more than this...

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