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16.11.2007: Fairliebt T-Shirt Collection

(Unterm Durchschnitt, Captain Planet, Iskra, Peters.) – 

Fairtrade merchandiser Fairliebt developes a special unterm durchschnitt shirt-collection.

02.11.2007: Story on Purerock

(Captain Planet) – 

a story about captain planet at

01.11.2007: Die Zeit and Captain Planet in a museum.

(Captain Planet) – 

With captain planet in a museum in hamburg - a story online.


18.10.2007: Visions Weekly features Captain Planet

(Captain Planet) – 

check out visions weekly with a captain planet feature.

09.10.2007: Reviews on,

(Captain Planet) – 

Awesome reviews from Die Zeit and on Captain Planet´s new record.

07.10.2007: Sellfish´s Record Of The Week

(Captain Planet) – 

sunny sunday and a info by chiefeditor of that makes me shine: captain plant is record of the week from tomorrow on on - "one of the most sweeping records of this year".

05.10.2007: Release of "Wasser Kommt Wasser Geht"

(Captain Planet) – 

yipeeeh. today the album "Wasser Kommt Wasser Geht" by Captain Planet is official available at stores!

01.10.2007: Releaseparty 24th November

(Captain Planet) – 

Captain Planet will give an official release party on 24th November at Störtebeker Squat.

27.09.2007: Captains play Radioconcert

(Captain Planet) – 

Captain Planet and 9 other artist will play a radioconcert for Radio FSK in Hamburg, available worldwide via free stream.

25.09.2007: Video bootleg of new song

(Captain Planet) – 

back at office after an awesome tour with captain planet presenting their soon to come album "Wasser Kommt Wasser Geht".

18.09.2007: Tour and release close to come

(Captain Planet) – 

captain planet are on tour for nearly one week now.

06.09.2007: Outtakes for sale

(Captain Planet) – 

2 songs did not find their way on captain planet EP "unterm pflaster der strand". to close this gap both songs have been released online through fineTunes, iTunes and others.

03.09.2007: A message from Captain Planet

(Captain Planet) – 

The Captains wrote a message in german to their fans.

01.09.2007: New Captain Planet song online!

(Captain Planet) – 

brandnew captain planet song Hundertzwanzig Sachen online!! check the mp3 section. Tour starts september 13, record release end of this month. preorder at Grrr!

20.08.2007: "Wasser Kommt Wasser Geht" on October 5th

(Captain Planet) – 

The forthcoming Captain Planet Album is titled as "Wasser Kommt Wasser Geht" and will be released on Ocotober 5th.

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