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16.10.2009: Adolar interview to Rock Spot

(Adolar) – 

Please read the newest review Adolar gave Rock Spot.

27.09.2009: Releaseplans: Captain Planet, Town Of Machine, Adolar ...

(Adolar, Captain Planet, Iskra, Jet Black, Katzenstreik, Mallorys Last Dance, Peters., The Town Of Machine) – 

There will be new releases in the next 2 months plus some anouncements and some sell outs in our mailorder, so please notice the following infos:

10.09.2009: Adolar cancelled prague-show

(Adolar) – 

not willing to play with an Oi!-Band Adolar cancelled their prague show and will now play that day in Brno (CZ) and got a show for the other day in leipzig. be there. wherever you are.

02.09.2009: for films edit. 14 available

(Adolar, Captain Planet) – 

There are many ways to find the right music for your film, feature, ad or other synch requirement. The "for films" series has established itself as an ideal reference, source of inspiration and plain working tool for a continously growing number of professionals.


02.08.2009: A new review on "Planet Rapidia"

(Adolar) – 

A new review has been published on Adolar 7" by Wahrschauer Fanzine.

31.07.2009: Adolar wrote new material

(Adolar) – 

New material have been written in a three week marathon in rehearsal. We have not heared anything yet but the band guaranteed it will be really good material.

25.06.2009: Adolar "Planet Rapidia" E.P. out of stock

(Adolar) – 

It was a short period of time this 7" debut of Adolar was available, it is out of stock since june started. We released it in March! It will be repressed in standard hardcover, to keep the gatefold limited.

15.06.2009: Adolar back home in tristesse

(Adolar) – 

Adolar are back home from touring. Watch a bootleged video of a new song and read their blog-entry.

11.06.2009: Tom on Ehrensenf TV couch

(Adolar) – 

while stopping on tour in cologne to play a show at kulturbunker tom, singer and bassplayer of adolar, took place on the couch of

04.06.2009: 3rd Tourpart 2009

(Adolar) – 

Part III of adolar being on tour. a great start off will be playing Abi Festival Lingen. They will stop in Wunstorf, Hamburg, Kiel, Köln, Essen, Frankfurt am Main, Aachen ...

01.06.2009: Ehrensenf pleased Adolar for taking place

(Adolar) – 

On it´s couch Ehrensenf TV asked Adolar to take a seat. Interview will be on June 9th.

21.05.2009: Initiative Musik supports Adolar

(Adolar) – 

Adolar got support by Initiative Musik for their forthcoming record.

19.05.2009: NRG asked for interview

(Adolar) – 

Radio NRG interviews Adolar when playing in Halle at Objekt5.

12.05.2009: on Adolar

(Adolar) – 

Motor describes Adolar as a fusion of "emotional positive- and negative poles of Escapado, early Tomte and Thursday ot it´s own, very own and new midway."

08.05.2009: Tourdiary

(Adolar) – 

If you find time, take it for reading tourdiary by the adolar boys. It is really long but very personal and emotional.

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