News: Appearance on NFC Best Of Compilation

26.08.2006, 10:15

black box pilot appear on nirvana fanclub Compilation "NFC Best Of" of, the most popular fanclub website worldwide.

Owner rasmus holmen about his decision taking "Gotta Getcha" from BBP´s album: " the songs I have picked were basically my favorite tracks from the three compilations and the ones I thought had the most quality to them, based on a number of different perspectives. this 'best of' should give you a good idea of what the compilations have to offer and the talent gathered on the discussion board." the compilation is free to download (home>misc>best of).


Black Box Pilot sind auf der Nirvana Fanclub Compilation "NFC Best Of" von vertretn. Das ist die weltweit größte Fanseite. Der Besitzer Rasmus Holmen über seine Entscheidung, "Gotta Getcha" vom Album "Rigor Mortis" zu nehmen: "Das war wirklich mein größter Favorit und ich denke, dieser hat die besten Qualitäten in allen Betrachungsweisen."

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