News: Knarf Rellöm interviewed by Frankfurter Rundschau

06.01.2007, 11:28

Knarf Rellöm was questioned from Frankfurter Rundschau about his cynical Track "Arme Kleine Deutsche" (engl.: Poor Little Germans) on our Book-CD "I Can´t Relax In Deutschland" and his personal relation to german nationalism.

 "I'm not refering to music, but to the relationship with Germany, especially to what happened after the World Cup 2006.People were going on about how we finally loosened up from being stiff and that something changed. In the lyrics I say:" So if you're asking me, I liked the stiffness better." I'm sypathising if people admit that they feel uncomfortable with their nationalism. But maybe that song is allready obsolete as the way we deal with nationalism keeps on changing and will continue to change, and less and less people will have a problem with it. Probably it's going to be more biological as a phenomenon, but it's a step back to the past, that's a pitty."

Read the full interview here. Don´t miss The Knarf Rellöm Tinity currently  on the road close to your city.


Knarf Rellöm wurde von der Frankfurter Rundschau über seinen zynischen Song "Arme Kleine Deutsche" befragt, den er auf unserer Buch-CD I Can´t Relax In Deutschland veröffentlichte, sowie zu seiner Beziehung zu deutschem Nationalismus.

Das Interview kann hier nachgelesen werden.

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