News: The spark has burnt out!

07.11.2007, 16:25

Read the official statement to the split of Iskra.

the spark has burnt out (official statement to the split of iskra)

a while ago, 2 members/contributors of this (namely bass-player and drummer), our formation decided to quit ..there might be various reasons..personal and band-related..u know..kind of the same things that always seem to be in the air when a band changes names or people, or simply calls it quits..this spark has burnt out...
each of 'us' will continue and is continuing to be musically active..some of us will be continuing together..for sure.. promise!
but we will no longer call this 'iskra'.
what follows is tomorrow, the rest of our lives, music.. and hopefully (for my part that is..) more of everything that happened during the past 2 years or so.. great and exciting people, concerts and places..7-inches and intoxicated, long nights..
thankfulness and inspiration for everything that happened and everything to come.
thank u, to everyone who shared, and made this 'iskra'..
:-(      +      :-)  ...wie immer.

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