Adolar/Mikrokosmos23 - 20 Jahre Intro

Adolar and Mikrokosmos23 contributed one cover-song each for this Picture 7".

Intro Magazine celebrates it´s 20th birthday and pleased us to be part of their new party programme. Result was a label special aas picture vinyl split 7" with Adolar and Mikrokosmos23. Both covering one song already became history of the genre later got called "Emo". Adolar did a 5 minute long coverversion on Sunny Day Real Estate´s "Song About An Angel", Mikrokosmos23 recorded a brutal version of "Rather Be Dead", originally recorded and composed by Refused... rather be alive.



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Split Picture Vinyl-Single Intro 006
Format: 7"
Date: 06/2011

1. Adolar - Song About An Angel 2. Mikrokosmos23 - Rather Be Dead

Specification: 33rpm, Licensed to Intro Verlags GmbH. Strictly limited edition, 200 singles only!


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