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Adolar is consequence.

Hyms are the boys strength, using them as understatements. Writing music the Adolar-Way means a careful and sensitive work, professional and stickling on details. It is perfectionism without any loss of charme or authenticity.

The music of Adolar is dialectic. Because what remains from alleged love song, written out of several SMS messages the bandmembers collected from friends (»Mitnehmerrippe«)? Yelling "Komm, wir fahren ans Meer!" (engl. "Let´s go to seaside!") is a cynical reflection of a battered status quo. Freedom and relief as a critical chiffre is a counterdraft of a dissatisfying mood. In the end "the others" are devided from oneself ("Wir. Allein." (engl. "We. Allone")), because nobody is convinceable, nobody says "Yes" and in the end the narrator must do this trip to seaside solely.

Their music is not about positivism and it´s inherent lack of criticism. "Sag Ja!" (engl. "Say Yes!") becomes an island of a barren grey scenery. "Yes" is the reference for "Sun", "Beach" and "Love" serving as vanishing points, a desire to a better society.


7" in 2sided gatefolded cover. ud028
Pressing: 500 7"
Date: 05/2009

Tracklist: A1.Mariokart vs Kettcar A2. Tesla B1. Mitnehmerrippe C1. Abschiedssouper*

Specification: 3 track 7inch EP in 2-sided gatefold cover. Reissued in simplified coversleeve. Designed by Daniel Möring, Hamburg. Reissued in standard hardcover and in thin paperthin cover. Produced by Tim Tautorat and Max Trieder.

*Available as digital release.

Supported by the Initiative Musik Non-profit Project Company Ltd. withproject funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media on the basis of a resolution passed by the German Bundestag.



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Adolar - Mariokart Vs Kettcar

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