Black Box Pilot - Rigor Mortis

Angry but repressed, sad but inconsequent, here comes another word that rhymes on shame.

When thinking back to this Album not much positive thoughts being left. "here comes another word that rhymes on shame" is a quote by kurt cobain, also ment for three grown up kids felt as "artists" but still  reproduced the standard and mainstream. grown up kids that feel punk, wild and young but lost their teeth to bite.

When listening to the prerecordings-demos from the bands prerecording rehearsals you listen to a noisy, dirty, indie and maybe a bit outstanding band that spreads charme and that special feeling you all search for when listening music. After the band left the studio nothing was left. the kind of production made everything clean and even dirty sounds has been glazed - in naivity. For many people it could be an okay or asskicking album. i think about those love alternative rockbands in general or nirvana, green day or soft versions of rage against the machine-rythms.

it is simply not the music we would like to spread.

CD in digipack ud011
Pressing: 1000 CD
Date: 4/2003

Tracklist: 1. Gotta Getcha 2. My God Said 3. Unless You Sing My Song 4. Rigor Mortis 5. Even If You Know Me 6. You´re My Medicine 7. Your Love 8. Borderliner 9. No Way 10. Déja Vu 11. Soon I´m Gone 12. Tired Of Angels

Specification: CD in ltd. edition digipack, exclusive artwork by swedens artist Saga Jepsen.



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Black Box Pilot - Gotta Getcha

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Black Box Pilot - Borderliner

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Black Box Pilot - Rigor Mortis (Pre-production Rehearsal Outtakes)

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