Captain Planet - Rambo

First single from their forthcoming album "Inselwissen"

Spread as a freebee this single has been released for promotional use only, not for sale. It contains 4 tracks, two brand new songs from their forthcoming album »Inselwissen« plus two well known hymns from their past releases while it´s first time "Baumhaus" being pressed on compact disc.


Maxi CD in jewelcase with exclusive coverdesign ud031
Pressing: 1000 Maxi CD
Date: 23.10.2009

1. Rambo 2. Vom Fass In Den Regen 3. 120 Sachen 4. Baumhaus

Specification: Designed by Marco Heckler, exclusive coverdesign. 


Contact info

unterm durchschnitt
Andreas Wildner
Im Kamp 2
D-50859 Cologne
Germany / EU
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