I Had Plans - The Perception Of Beauty Is A Moral Test

This is straight from the Portuguese sun, breaking into a winter scenery.

This record is built on the familiar awareness of subversive spirit and positive activism trough art or social intervention criticizing the contemporany ways with a very personal approach. It's a package containing more than eruptive guitars that are played against each other in a change of emotions (melody and beat). It's also a  documented narrative, a portrait translated in songs with impeling and intricate sound design.


It´s a hug, a kiss, an open conversation. I do not remember the last time Post-Rock/Post-Hardcore had such a warm sound although it´s critical mind.

Cat.no.: ud036
Pressing: 500 LP
Date: 04/2011


Tracklist: A1. Portraits A2. Guidelines A3. Bartholomew A4. False Positive
B1. Animal Man B2. This Thing B3. Molekind B4. The Curse Of Parallel Surfaces

Specification: 8 track full length in limited edition packaging. Ardesign by Braulio Amado, Lisboa/Portugal. Packaging includes two cut outs and plays with surfaces (rough vs. glance), colours (black, white, orange) and materials (cover and innersleeve). Produced by Makoto.




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I Had Plans - Guidelines

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