Jet Black - Selftitled

Feels like restraintless movings. Always straight to the point without accepting standstill or resignation.

»We are poets, who love to dance on rooftops, we watch the sun set down. we watch the shadow in the dawn.« (from Zeit)

This is the bands first output on wax. and yeah, a highly explosive mixture of desperation and anger that passionately amalgams and puts an aggressive and chaotic crown on top of it all.

this single contains 13 minutes far beyond my expectations. not to forget, i really like the artwork that is all diy - handmade covers linoleum printed and multi-gatefolded. if you wonder what i'm the heck i'm talking about anyway just get a copy of that single and maybe you'll understand hehe. hu, by the way, hey screamo-kiddo, it's limited to 500. another pressing contains also 500 singles and has been different cover in linoleum prints with variable colours.


7" in all-in-all DIY packaging ud009
Pressing: 500 7"
Date: 11/2002

Specification: Original in 100% DIY style: 16 pg. booklet incl. liner notes & lyrics, 480x handmade porous print in silver, 20x ltd with red cover. Reissue: 500x on special linoleum printed cover, different coverdesign, each one an unicum.

Tracklist: A1. Und Wir Wussten Es Besser A2. November B1. Indifferent B2. Zeit



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Jet Black - Und Wir Wussten Es Besser

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unterm durchschnitt
Andreas Wildner
Im Kamp 2
D-50859 Cologne
Germany / EU
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