Jet Black - The Dead End

A gloomy and noisy orchestral Ending, dark and driving. One of our classics!

All the praising in advance was entitled. Their record bears a lot of strength. They present gloomy and noisy orchestral post-hardcore, whose heavy and destructive walls alternate with emotional and emotionalised parts and broad guitar feedbacks, ever changing dynamics and passionate vocals. A post-hc ending, dark and driving.

They certainly are one of the most impressive bands in this genre round here.
In addition to the rather sombre and melancholic atmosphere the vocals change from passionate screaming to spoken words, while lyrics have been written in a multinational mix of almost German and English. Refined by a good and appealing production, these songs leave an impression of honesty and dedication.


Ltd. Edition white Vinyl. Sold Out* ud018
Pressing: 1000 CD, 500 LP
Date: 3/2006

Tracklist: A1. Ich Dazwischen A2. Tanzen A3. The Dead End B1. 48 Stunden B2. (Bonjour) Tristesse B3. Atmen, Nicht Pressen

Specification: 1000 Vinyl pressed in white. Gatefolded hardcover with extrasheets containing linernotes and personal stuff plus a look back from Drummer Micha.

*CD and digital Release still available.


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Jet Black - 48 Stunden

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Jet Black - (Bonjour) Tristesse

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