Katzenstreik - Solves Your Problems

An rushing but profounding punkalbum that put political but emotional music on a higher level. A definitive classic!

Euphoric and inspiring emopunk with intelligent lyrics knowing no barriers while mixing languages and spreading an poetic aproach. this means scarifying ballast: constitutive and liberating. each tone against gray light so come with us and break closed circuites! katzenstreik could be your soundtrack therefor.


This album influenced a generation of bands coming afterwards in the freedom of expressing feelings & thoughts, mixing languages and do not stop before nationalistic barriers.

Vinyl in standard hardcover, printed on rough side. Sold Out*
Cat.No.: ud012
Pressing:1000 CD, 500 LP
Date: 4/2004

Tracklist: 1. magic love 2. roots 3. disco ugly 4. spirit 5. scars 6. street 7. fruity loops 8. pop 9. cut 10. mess 11. loser 12. emowürstchen unite 13. watch out 14. herz auf der zunge.

Specification: CD in ltd. edition digipack, LP includes booklet. Frontcover design by Micha from Tsunamigraphics plus some great illustrations of a close friend inner booklet plus linernotes by drummer Tobi.

* Reissues available. Still available as digital Release.


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Katzenstreik - Fruity Loops

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Katzenstreik - Roots

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Katzenstreik - Radio Blau "Linksdreher"

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